Ways to Make Money on Twitch – Guide for Streamers.

Did you know that a Twitch streamer can make anywhere from $3000 to $5000 per month, and an expert streamer can go way above these numbers? 

These amazing stats have every Twitch streamer excited. Many have shifted to full-time gaming to increase hours per week and build a strong following. Meanwhile, some smart individuals have taken the support of organic growth services like StreamUpgrade.

But how exactly do you generate money on Twitch? Are there some specific ways to do so? Let’s explore them below!


The simplest and easiest way to get money on Twitch is to ask your viewers for donations or tips. Since people love to support their favorite streamers, you can earn anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds.

All you must do is arrange a third-party service and link a donate button to the channel. Most streamers prefer PayPal because of its popularity and ease of use. 

If you want to know how to set up PayPal for Twitch, here’s a brief overview of :

  1. Visit PayPal.com and create an account.
  2. Once done, click on the More button present in the menu.
  3. Different categories will pop up. Click on Get Started button under the category of Manage Your PayPal Profile.
  4. Activate the button, “Anyone Can See and Send Me Money”.
  5. Copy the PayPal link.
  6. Log into your Twitch account and click on Channel under the menu.
  7. Open the About section and scroll it down until you find the Edit Panel option.
  8. Click on the + box to create a new panel.
  9. Select Add a Text or Image Panel option. You can upload an image to maintain aesthetics.
  10. Paste the PayPal link into the Image Links To section and press submit. You may want to add a small thank-you note. 

Twitch Affiliate Program

Twitch offers you to earn directly from the platform with its affiliate program. But, to join, you should meet the following eligibility criteria:

●     500-minute broadcast over the last 30-days

●     Minimum 50-followers

●     7 unique days broadcast

●     Average concurrent views of 3 or more

Once joined, you can use three different monetization methods. You can add subscription plans for your viewers to purchase. Also, you can request them to donate Twitch Bits or buy the games you’re playing from the Twitch store. 

Twitch Ad Partner

People who manage to top the Twitch affiliate game can also become a Partner. It means that they can now benefit from ad revenues too. 

Typically, the platform offers pre-roll ads that display before the streaming. Partners can also choose mid-roll ads when they want to take a break. However, while this provides additional income, it is very meager. The rate is usually $0.002 and $0.01 per view.

Affiliate Marketing

If you’re in the initial stages of your streaming career, making money through the Twitch program can be difficult. But, worry not because you can still manage to get a few hundred dollars via affiliate marketing.

Just join a popular affiliate program like Amazon. Then, promote the products and offers available. You will receive a commission whenever a viewer purchases something through your link!

Brand Sponsorships & Merchandise

Streamers with a relatively engaged audience can easily increase their monthly figures through brand sponsorships. Companies are always seeking talented individuals who can promote their products/services to people. So, they are eager to reach out and collaborate.

But, instead of waiting, you can also take the first step and pitch brands. There are many services that help create deals between brands and streamers. Alternatively, you can design merchandise and sell it to your audience.