Top 9 Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating Infographics.

Creating infographics is a great way to share data and information in an engaging, visually appealing way. But before you start creating your infographic, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. You can help ensure that your infographic is both effective and well-received by answering these questions.

1. What is the goal of my infographic?

Before you start creating your infographic, you need to determine its purpose. What do you want it to achieve? Is your goal to inform or educate your audience, or is your goal to persuade them to take a certain action? Once you know what you want your infographic to do, you can focus on creating content that will help achieve that goal.

2. What is the story I want to tell?

Your infographic should tell a story, and that story should be based on data or information that you have. Find a way to present your data in an interesting, engaging way that will capture your audience’s attention. Be sure to focus on the most important points and highlight them in a visually appealing way.

3. What is the right format for my infographic?

Not all infographics are created equal. There are a number of different formats you can use, depending on your goals and the story you want to tell. Some common formats include:

  • Timeline
  • Flowchart
  • Map
  • Chart
  • List

Choose the format that will best showcase your data and tell your story.

4. Who is my target audience?

Not everyone will be interested in the same thing, so it’s important to tailor your infographic to your target audience. What do they care about? What do they want to know? What do they find interesting? By answering these questions, you can create content that will resonate with your target audience and help achieve your goals.

5. What is the tone of my infographic?

The tone of your infographic should be consistent with your branding and the message you want to send. Are you trying to be humorous or serious? Informative or persuasive? Be sure to choose a tone that will be appealing to your target audience and will help you achieve your goals.

6. What visuals will I use?

The visuals you use are an important part of telling your story and engaging your audience. Be sure to choose images and graphics that are relevant to your data and will help illustrate your points. You may also want to use infographics or charts to help explain your data.

7. What should my headline be?

The headline is the first thing people will see when they encounter your infographic, so it’s important to make sure it’s catchy and engaging. It should also accurately reflect the content of your infographic.

8. What should my tagline be?

Your tagline is a brief statement that summarizes the content of your infographic. It’s a good way to engage people and entice them to learn more about your infographic.

9. What should I do with my finished infographic?

Once you’ve created your infographic, you need to find a way to share it with the world. You can post it on your website, share it on social media, or submit it to infographic directories and websites. By sharing your infographic with as many people as possible, you can help increase its visibility and reach more people.

If you’re looking for ways to make the best infographics, try Venngage—a free infographic maker that offers a wide range of infographic templates for everyone. Here are some cool infographic examples from their website!

Top 9 Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating Infographics. 1


Top 9 Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating Infographics. 2


Top 9 Questions To Ask Yourself When Creating Infographics. 3


Now that you know the questions to ask yourself when creating an infographic, you’re ready to get started. Use this guide as a starting point and brainstorm ways to create content that will capture your audience’s attention and help you achieve your goals. For more Venngage infographics, click here!