What is the main application of rugged industrial tablet?

We need to ditch the bulky and heavy laptops, because this rugged industrial tablet is what you’ve been waiting for. This new breakthrough in mobile computing has gone where other laptops fear to go: dusty warehouses, dirty factories, and work pipelines delivering flow of oil and gas. Built like a military tank with armored design that protects electronics from drops up to 4 feet (and more), our product will change your life at the office!

Rugged tablet computers are tablets that were specifically designed for industrial application. It is manufactured with military-grade protection to ensure resolution of all screen, camera, and backside issues under harsh environments. Rugged tablet computer comes in variety of sizes based on model number – type I is 10 inches, Type II is 8 inches, and Type III is 6 inches. The ruggedness comes into play because it can be used outdoors without any need for rain or snow resistance hardware. When you purchase a rugged tablet computer from us, you are purchasing one device that works perfectly even when the environment becomes more demanding.

The Rugged Tablet Computer is oil and dust resistant, with a long battery life. You can even use it underwater!The rugged tablet computer is an absolute workhorse. It absorbs all the shocks and spills that come its way without breaking a sweat, allowing the user to focus on what really matters – their job.

Rugged Tablet Computers are the perfect device for mobile workers who want to use tablets in areas that may not always be clean or controlled. They can also withstand drops up to four feet, which means they keep on working even if you accidentally set them down while balancing a fresh cup of coffee nearby. Best of all? Rugged Tablet Computers are compatible with your favorite apps and programs so you can get right to work once the IT department finishes their setup process.

Aesthetics aside, the Rugged Tablet is designed to be tough and withstand demanding conditions for a lifetime of use. Built from a reinforced steel frame with anodized aluminumback plate, this tablet is virtually indestructible. It protects against water damage thanks to environmental seals on hinges and hard drives as well as the ability its’ ports seal shut. The perfect device for construction site documentation or real-time remote medical monitoring, there’s no more looking after your laborer from behind a desk– every job gets the personal touch! Perfect for those who demand tough business performance.

Send Message:You love rugged, reliable devices. You dread the doubt and anxiety of working on a tablet that lacks the durability to withstand harsh environments, so you need an industrial tablet computer with military standard MIL-STD-810G certification. Powered by Android’s revolutionary software, this Rugged Tablet Computer was built for your extreme world – it even meets SCUBA certification standards!

Repair technicians need a device that is as versatile as they are, which is why we designed the Rugged Tablet Computer to handle even your most challenging job. From climbing up scaffolding to picking parts off the floor and dirt, this tablet can work with you where others fail miserably: crawling through tight spaces like oven ventilators and electrical junction boxes. No matter what environment you’re in, there’s no worry your tablet will let you down.