Who Pays for NFL Injuries?

NFL was founded in 1920, and since then, it has been a very popular sport in the USA. People spend their time and money to enjoy these sports. On the other hand, the players also try to entertain the audience in every way possible.

But this is also a very high-risk game, and players often fall into the serious health issue. Consequently, it can bring long-term inability to play for the player, especially for the injury-prone athlete.

And, the worst NFL injures can be very catastrophic for the player’s career and the future of the club. But the question is – if any accident occurs, who pays for NFL injuries?

In the following writing, we will try to discuss everything for your convenience. Stay tuned…

How a Player Gets Injured?

Being an NFL player is a dream for many as it will ensure a potentially great career and a sustainable life. But there is also a great chance of getting injured badly.

Most of the injuries occur from helmet-to-helmet collisions. As the players are in motion, and any hard tackle can turn into a serious injury. Damage can also happen forceful stopping during the run.

On the other hand, many severe injuries can also happen if any player just recovered from the injury and gets injured at the same spot. This kind of injury can be fatal, causing serious physical damage and leading to a serious catastrophe.

Even some injuries may end the entire career of a player – it’s evident.

Types of NFL Injuries

During the game, an injury can come from anywhere. According to the NFL Physicians Society, most often, a player in the NFL fall in the damage of “concussions.”

There are other kinds of injuries like—

  • Cardiac contusions
  • Pulmonary contusion
  • Broken ribs
  • Abdominal injuries
  • Splenic lacerations
  • Kidney damage and injuries

There are blunt injuries to the chest. Even there can happen orthopedic injuries like knee, foot, shoulder, neck, and back. However, the question remains, does the player get paid after damage occurs?

Who Pays for NFL Injuries?

For the NFL players, CBA or Collective Bargaining Agreement gives the right to cover the player’s medical issues considering the player’s medical situation.

If the CBA allows, the player can go for a second medical opinion. For any decision, CBA assesses the injured player’s medical condition and the severity of the injury.

How does the CBA consider during an injury works?

First, the player needs to consult with the club physician before taking the second opinion doctor. And, they also need to make sure that the doctor or physician considered as a second opinion gives the club your complete medical report.

If any player needs surgery, the player can get the surgeon of his choice. In this case, the club also needs to consult with the club physician in the first place. The concerning club will pay all the fees.

What Is Need of Great Contact in the NFL?

Before joining any club of the NFL, any player must consider the need for great contact, which will ensure better insurance and treatment in the post-injury period.

Former NFL player tells his experience on NFL injuries through the Bleacher Report as he returned from the injury and entered his locker room and found a player putting his jersey.

“I distinctly remember showing up to the facility to get treatment a week later. I walked into the locker room to change clothes and saw another player putting on my jersey. Except the jersey was not mine, it was now his. I was just a number chewed up and spit out that fast.”

Marc Lillibridge

While this is an extreme example, it demonstrates how most NFL players are in the organization’s eyes. That is why athletes must protect themselves with their contracts by making everything clear.

Final Thought

When a player is injured, the club doctor evaluates him to see if he can play football. The CBA guarantees him the right to seek a second opinion if he so desires and that the club will cover the cost. It is better than being a player, you sign a great contract with the club you are joining, leading you to an advantageous position if you ever fall into any severe injury.