Simple steps before you try your hand with Dream11

Fantasy gaming applications are currently one of the fast-growing areas in India where, at least, one new app is coming into existence every single month. However, for almost every single app, Dream11 acts as the prototype and is certainly the most famous app among others with more than 11+ crores daily users.

While the process of winning is simple, it does need 80 per cent of your effort and 20 per cent luck. While you can’t control the latter, you can still make sure to give your fullest in every single contest you play. Here are a few simple steps to keep in mind before you try your hand with Dream11.


Steps to follow:

1- Create Team

After finishing your registration, you will reach the page where you can see the upcoming matches. Click on any one of them which you are sure of winning and then click on ‘Create Team’. Dream11 will lead you to a page where you can find the squads of both teams grouped based on their role and each player will be assigned credits based on their ability and experience. You need to select 11 players within or equal to 100 credits. You can select 1-4 wicket-keepers, 3-6 batsman, 1-4 all-rounders, 3-6 bowlers in your team. You can pick different combinations and you can also make as many as 11 entries in one multiple entry contest.

2- Joining a contest

After picking the team, you can join a contest. If you feel like you need to hone your skills before joining cash contests, you can go for a practice contest to analyze your ability. When you are ready, you can go for a cash contest. In most of the matches, the minimum entry fee for the cash contest is Rs 15. It goes up to Rs 9999.

There are different types of contests starting from Head-to-Head, where you will compete against only one fantasy gaming app user, to mega contests, where more than Lakh fantasy users join. The mega contests usually have multiple entries where you can join with as much as 11 entries. The winning money for the mega contest is higher.

3- Following the match

Following the progression of the match is important as well because this will give us an idea about the players and their form which will come in handy for upcoming matches. After all, numbers do lie. They do not tell you the total story of how the batsman or the bowler did in a particular match. A bowler might have gone wicketless but would have done well to keep things tight in the match. Similarly, a batsman would have scored more, but he would have had multiple dropped chances. So, it’s important to follow the match live rather than just looking into the scorecard after the match.

Tips to play Dream11:

Here are a basic few tips you need to follow while playing the dream11. These tips can help you to pick a safe team and who knows, you might end up winning the contest as well.

1-Choose matches wisely:

It is very important to choose the right match before joining the cash contest. Of course, you don’t want to waste your money. Make sure that you know about the squads, teams, conditions and the players before joining the match.

2- Do your research:

Before joining any contest, it’s important to do the necessary research. You should know everything about the match before investing your money. There are different apps and portals that give you the right tips about the match and pitch conditions which you must keep an eye on.

Dream11 also shows the selection percentage of the player. You can also build your team based on the percentage.

3- Taking risk:

If you are going with the players who were selected by the most number of fantasy users, you will end up with a safe team which is good for a beginner but in order to win mega contests, you need more than that. At times, you can take a risk by swapping lesser selected player and hope that they perform on that particular day. However, you should take a minimal risk by going in with one or two such changes.

4- Going for all-rounder team:

You must keep in mind that creating the team in dream11 predictions for today’s match is not about the balance but the sole aim is to have the most number of points. In that way, one can always prefer more number of all-rounders as they can grab us points from both fronts.

5-Selecting your captain:

It is always wise to pick your captain and vice-captain based on their previous performances and one must go with players who are proven match-winners. For example, even if Virat Kohli fails, he is one of the top picks for captain because he usually bounces back after a poor performance.

6-Investing equally

One of the mistakes Dream11 beginners do is that they go on to invest all their money on a single match. One must keep in mind that the players do have an off-day and they cannot keep performing in every single match. So, it is wise to split your money and invest in different teams rather than only one team. For example, if you are going to invest Rs 10,000, You can join a multiple entry contest with an entry fee of Rs 1000 and can join with 10 different entries rather than cashing all your money on a single team.