How to fix fast charging not working on iPhone or iPad

Slow charging could become annoying and can be worrisome sometimes. If Fast Charging does not work on your iphone or ipad or any other battery-powered device like android and others, it may mean that the device and the charger may not be compatible or that some element of your smartphone or charger does not work well or is even damaged and therefore needs fixing.

It can even be more annoying to see some device not even charging at all even when they show charging icon, the device becomes useless and we will give you some tips today on how to activate fast charging on your IOS device. There are some things you have to do to determine the culprit in order to resolve the problem on either your iPad or iPhone.

fast charging

How to make fast charging on your iPhone and iPad possible

The following were also things you need to do to make it possible to charge your iOS device more quickly. 

Use an original device charger 

Either it got spoilt or you simply misplaced your iOS device charger, and there is a need to get a replacement. It is of great significance to get an original fast charger.

The quantity of energy current that an ios smartphone charger can transmit to its corresponding device is typically written on the charger and for iPods and iPhones, this usually ranges from 1A to 2A, while for larger batteries it is usually 2.5A to 3A as seen on the iPad chargers. Normally, the electrical current that a charger can transfer is printed on the charger on its own.

Check whether the value corresponds to the specification of your device.

So if you need your charger replaced, make sure that you get the one that matches the range of amps for your device.

Experiment with various USB cables

Experience with various USB data cables has shown that they are dependent on fast charging for iOS devices. When compared to long cables, shorter cables transfer currents more quickly. Try to get short cables from your friends and use your own charger adapter to test them using your device. You should also check the cable port in order to see if there is no dirt or port rupture.

Decrease the activity of the device

You may still notice a slight decrease in the charging speed even with a good charger, if that occurs, try leaving your device idle while charging or dimming the brightness while you are using it. You can also turn off the data to see whether things are improving. 

Try turning your device off while being charged 

If the problem has not been solved by buying a new charger and changing the USB data cable, how about switching your device off is to check if there are some apps that cause this issue on your device. In fact, some applications can cause rapid battery drainage when they run in the background, even when they are not in use, which can also cause slow battery charging. So switching the phone off while charging prevents the app from running, and the phone can then charge on its own quickly.

Uninstall unused apps from your mobile device

If you have needless apps on your device, apps that you no longer use, most apps are often running in the background, even when not in use or minimized. Well, why leave them? Uninstall them and free them from their activities on your device. Remember that the more applications you have, the more power your phone uses.

Problem with hardware or Advance Troubleshooting

This slow charging on the type of your apple device may be a hardware problem or a more advanced problem and I would suggest you read this more advance method to troubleshoot it even if you are without any technical knowledge.

To check whether it is a hardware problem or advanced troubleshooting, you can follow the link above. Let us know if the above tips have worked, including iPad, iPod and iPhone, for your apple device. In the comment section below, you could also drop your questions or feedback. You can also help a friend by using the share buttons below to share this post.