8 New Cybersecurity Tools in 2021

Ecommerce has ushered in a new system of doing business with a shift to online transactions. Companies operate websites that carry vast volumes of sensitive data crucial to their survival that is continuously at risk of attack from cybercriminals.

Individuals are equally at risk, and there is a need for cybersecurity innovations to mitigate this challenge. Businesses and individuals should evaluate their needs and consider any of the eight new cybersecurity tools in 2021 featured here.


SiteLock is one of the best and affordable cybersecurity tools ideal for SMBs running websites. Websites are today’s marketplaces in the strongly emerging eCommerce environment, with nearly all business transactions happening online. Protecting these sites against cyber-attacks and other vulnerabilities that include distributed denial-of-service (DDOs) is mandatory.

SiteLock is excellent for comprehensive website protection and allows safe use of the internet in company operations without risks. Its PCI and DSS compliance scan product is not only fast and efficient but also meets industry requirements besides providing hosting security for end-users. One can also join Cyber Security training to become a cyber security expert.

SolarWinds Security Event Manager

SolarWinds Security Event Manager is cloud-based security information and event management tool highly rated for businesses. It provides an intelligent framework that identifies threats while undertaking forensic analysis for actionable insights. The software’s integrated audit-ready feature simplifies compliance reporting and comes with templates for easy demonstration.

SolarWinds tool protects against host intrusion with detection capabilities for cyber threats to on-premises networks. Its SEM file integrity checker enhances internal security by allowing the tracking of any changes made to files and folders.

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security is consider the best in cybersecurity tools against malware threats across all devices one may operate. Its other outstanding feature is the low impact on performance that allows for optimum speeds when in operation. It comes with multi-layer protection for files against ransomware attacks.

Bitdefender provides a secure VPN for comprehensive internet privacy alongside advanced parental controls for the safety of kids online. It has superior threat detection and technologies to block sophisticated malware and zero-day attacks.


Intruder is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner that is excellent for preempting cyber threats. It provides multiple system scans on-demand to identify cybersecurity weaknesses that could compromise valuable data. The scanner can detect over 9,000 known security vulnerabilities while providing timely threat notifications.

Intruder scans content management platforms, missing security patches, default credentials, encryption integrity, and application bugs. It allows for early intervention and strengthening of system security against possible cyber-attacks professional writer service say.


Mimecast is primarily a cloud-based email security tool that is ideal for cyber resilience as well. It comes with additional features that include web security, information protection, and cloud archiving besides many others. It is perfect for both email and URL security besides its smart spam detection and blocking features.

Mimecast protects against user-generated malware and malicious online activities by blocking suspicious sites from access. Mimecast protects against data loss, impersonation, spear-phishing, and ransomware through emails.


Snort is a cyber-security tool that operates on an open-source platform that makes it a preferred choice for small businesses. It acts as a second-tier defense against system attacks as it stands behind the existing firewall. The tool works well with Windows platform, Fedora, FreeBSD, and Centos to analyze web traffic against system rules to preempt threats.

Snort can manage network packets and produce real-time analysis for actionable insights. Besides watching packet loggings, it can also stream data on screen for faster access.


Webroot is a versatile cloud-based cybersecurity tool compatible with computers and mobile devices since it supports Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android platforms. It is better than other cybersecurity tools as it protects businesses, home-based offices, and home use against cyber threats. Its intelligent threat detection ensures that the system preempts possible attacks before they happen.

Besides many excellent features for multiple applications, Webroot also offers training in security awareness to businesses. Businesses get superior endpoint and DNS protection with real-time threat intelligence.

Norton Security

Norton Security has multiple options that include the Norton 360 with LifeLock Select, an all in one solution against cyber threats. Its LifeLock identity alert system is a  lifesaver against identity theft as it sends alerts any time your social security number, name, date of birth, or address appears in any transaction. It provides a secure no-log VPN and superior encryption to manage your passwords and other sensitive information.

Norton provides real-time threat protection and offers excellent parental control features to monitor kids’ safety while online. You also get a reimbursement package if you lose funds through an online breach told buy essay online.


With the increasing migration of business transactions to digital platforms comes the threat of cyber-crimes. Businesses and individuals must consider the safety of their data and systems against attacks to prevent costly breaches. There are many cybersecurity options and tools available in the market for effective protection.