How an email spam test and cleansing software can boost your email marketing campaign.


Launching an email marketing campaign requires lots of considerable and precise decisions. One of them is choosing cleansing software. When you start experiencing the running of email processes, it is important to take a look at your database, as it influences your email deliverability and success of a campaign as well. Why should you pay attention to them? What can a cleaning of sending lists bring to the results of a campaign? What are the prices and bonuses of cleaning software?

In this article you will find out:

  • Reasons for implementing a cleansing software and its influence on email deliverability test;
  • Checking the quality of your cleansing software with email deliverability test;
  • Peculiarities of work of email cleansing software and email spam test;
  • Security of your data
  • Pricing of cleaning up of sending lists;
  • Advantages and bonuses provided by the software.

Okay, are you ready to have a look at these questions in detail? Well, let’s go! 

Reasons for implementing a cleansing software and its influence on email deliverability test

Choosing a cleansing service is as essential as choosing email service providers. Implementing email verification/cleansing/validation is one of the most effective tools that can bring to your company a great boost. When you consider cleaning your sending lists, you are halfway to increasing sales of the company’s product.

The main reason why you have to involve in this aspect is that sending lists are full of addresses. They might be unverified, non-existent or low-quality addresses or those that are not used anymore. Such lists affect not only your sender`s reputation and IP, but also there is a high probability that you might be marked by email service providers as a suspicious sender and as a result, you might be spammed or blocked.

Besides, when you run cold emailing to the lists of this type, it is also a waste of time, financial resources, and efforts because your message cannot be never opened. That is why using email cleansing is important since it helps get rid of bad quality disposable addresses. Installing it you can have a guarantee of having good email deliverability and an effective emailing campaign as well. 

To be sure that emailing campaign will be effective, you have to run an email deliverability test. It will show you which issues your campaign might face and how to prevent them. Additionally, to improve your email deliverability you should take into account not only your sending lists, but also the engagement rate, IPR, the quality of the email content, domain reputation, and spam issues. Tracking these rates manually requires huge efforts, time, and teams of workers. But don`t worry, modern email marketing is full of tools that help identify and fix issues your company might face. 

One of them is an email spam checker tool provided by Folderly that suggests testing email for spam after which you get a thorough report of issues your email delivery face and assess the quality of your sending lists. By the way, Folderly is a product of b2b lead generation product Belkins that is a leader in optimization and systematization of email processes of marketing campaigns.

Checking the quality of your cleansing software and how email spam check improve your campaign

How can you assess the effectiveness of email cleansing services? Of course, by proving that in your sending lists will be cleaned up from a bad database. However, no cleansing software can guarantee 100% deleting invalid and non-existent contacts. Since there is nothing perfect, you have to require up to 98% of removing it. If this number is not achieved, this email cleansing software won’t satisfy you with the effects. 

To prevent yourself from being cheated, an email cleansing service should provide you a refund in case if their service doesn’t bring you promised results. By the way, when you systematically replenish your data with new potential clients, it is essential to test email deliverability as it can face lots of delivery and spam issues. Having known that you took an email spam check assures you that your email marketing campaign will be fruitful and increase sales continuously. 

Peculiarity of work of email cleansing software and email spam check

As we stated before, software cleansing sending lists focuses on removing non-existent and invalid addresses. The modern email market proposes a wider range of tools that not only clean up your sending lists but also suggest using more advanced features for improving and systematically refreshing your data and email deliverability. However, there are dangerous emails that every email verification must detect and remove. They include the following:

  • Incorrect contact addresses influence email deliverability and the domain`s reputation and can lead to their decline. If your sending lists have invalid contacts, you have a high risk of being marked by email service providers as a sender not caring about the quality of email delivery.
  • One-time addresses are the popular types of emails that destruct and bounce automatically after temporary use of them. People tend to use these emails when they don`t want to share their real ones. Of course, it is respectfully normal, but for your email campaign, these addresses bring only a waste of money and resources. That is why a credible and effective email cleansing service has to provide thorough removing of contacts of this type.
  • Role-based addresses are emails that are used by several people or groups. There is an extremely low probability that owners of role-based emails can respond to your message. And there is a high probability that you will be spammed as a sender who is unknown to a person who uses a group email at the moment. 
  • Spamming traps addresses are the most dangerous and harmful emails because manually it is absolutely difficult to identify them in contact lists. There are few numbers of email cleansing services that can detect them thoroughly. 

So, cleaning up sending lists is one of the steps to an effective email marketing campaign. Checking your campaign on the containment of the email spam and lack of hard/soft bounces is also a crucial thing that prevents you from getting spammed or even blocked. Earlier we discussed the advantages of the Folderly email spam test tool. Additionally, one of the strongest tools helping easily avoid hard bounces are ZeroBounce and Neverbounce improving your email deliverability as well. 

Security of your data

Email digital marketing becomes more and more developed and systemized. However, nowadays it has increased the level of cruelty. During launching an email marketing campaign, it is essential to prevent yourself from scamming and frauding. That is why it is essential to use tools that guarantee cybersecurity of your and your recipients` data.

Before running a test of verification of your sending lists (or any other email tool), there are essential points you have to take into account. First of all, ensure that the email cleansing software has a GDPR complaint that refers to general data protection of users. Secondly, discover the reviews of those who have already used this email verification software. It is always better to know real feedback and not fall into a trap of scammers or use an unreliable instrument. 

Be sure that software that you are going to use for cleaning up sending lists is reliable, responsible, credible, and takes security into serious account. 

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Pricing of cleaning up of sending lists

The pricing of cleaning sending lists depends on the capacity of your contact lists.

If you are an experienced user in email marketing, you have probably a big database and sending lists, so the price may be high. And vice versa: if you are new in the email sphere and your data has not reached big email lists yet, the email verification software has to suggest reasonable prices. 

Choosing a proper cleansing email service requires considerable decisions. First of all, analyze this software, what it suggests, which extra features it has and its prices as well. As for the latter one, it is essential to check the credibility and appropriate quality of low price email verification software. Are you sure that it isn’t a pig in a poke? Sometimes, it is better to buy a little bit of an expensive tool that guarantees its effectiveness, transparency, cybersecurity, and a wide range of advanced features. 

Remember, that having a clean and valid sending list is a pledge of a successful email marketing campaign that brings your company financial growth and flourishment. The same huge importance has testing your email data on the containment of spam. As it affects your email deliverability and sender`s reputation, testing it with Folderly will be effortless and even with pleasure. 

Advantages and bonuses provided by the software.

We have just found out how to get rid of incorrect, low quality, and spamming trap addresses in one click. Some email cleansing softwares suggests using some advanced tools and bonuses without additional charge. They can easily answer some questions you might be interested in? For example, have you ever thought about how to remove contacts that are repeated several times in sending lists? How to get rid of them in one click?

Sending emails to the same email address is not only a waste of financial resources but also, can damage your sender`s reputation. When a person gets in the inbox several times with the same message, he/she might accept it as spam and as a result, you will be spammed or blocked. If you don’t need it, we suggest you use some effective tools to implement this task easily. For example, ZeroBounce provides you with removing duplicate addresses immediately. Besides, progressing Folderly`s email cleansing service offers more advanced features, such as testing of email deliverability, analyzing of blacklists, IP, and domain health.

Remember that the higher quality of email cleansing software is, the more effective and fruitful your email marketing campaign will be.  

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