Using Outlook for Mac With Greater Convenience

Microsoft Outlook is an integrated personal information manager application suite from Microsoft, accessible as part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Although primarily an email client, Outlook includes several other functions such as task management, calendar managing, contact management, note-taking, and web surfing. Microsoft Outlook Express version 5.0, a free upgrade from earlier versions, offers the most flexible and comprehensive user interface and many advanced features not available with earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook. This article provides a brief overview of Outlook and its various capabilities as well as other resources.

  1. Microsoft Outlook allows the user to store all their personal data in the offline folder of the computer and access it as needed. The offline folder contains data such as mail, contacts, web pages, images, and calendars. The tasks in the email program can be organized in a task manager to allow for easy searching and locating of specific items. An Outlook Express error message can indicate an error in the mailbox or messages in the email program. To resolve these errors, click on the “gear” icon that appears in the screen’s upper right corner. The menu will then present four choices, namely, “save to Outlook,” “print to Outlook,” “deleted items,” and “enum,” to select which item to restore.
  2. Microsoft Outlook also allows the user to synchronize his or her calendar with the Outlook account. This is done by installing the Microsoft Outlook Web Access (WAAs) client software on the computer system that needs to be synchronized with Outlook. Outlook Web Access works behind the scenes, but the user does not need to know how to use it. Users can also use Microsoft Outlook to access their calendar from the web using Internet Explorer. In previous versions of Windows, you may need to download and install the MS Outlook plug-in to use it with other applications.
  3. One of the newer features added in the Microsoft Outlook for Mac is integrating with the Safari rendering engine that Apple has developed. With this feature, outlook emails can be viewed in the Safari browser. You will get this feature when installing the latest version of the Mac operating system, which is called Mac OS X Tiger.

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What you can do if you are currently using Mac

If you currently use a Mac computer, you should consider downloading the Microsoft Outlook for Mac plug-in, which is available free of charge. This is an essential tool as it enables your Mac computer to access Microsoft Office data files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations. When you download this plug-in, your outlook email will be automatically synchronized to your Mac Outlook email account. This feature is especially useful for business professionals who are frequently traveling to new areas. By downloading the plug-in, you will be able to access your essential corporate or work-related emails on your Mac, regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not.

Some other feature of Outlook, you can use in Mac

Microsoft Outlook for Mac users is also given the option to set their font color and layout preferences. You can even manage your Outlook calendar, including creating, moving, and deleting your Outlook calendars. Besides, you have the choice of changing your fonts, theme color, and labels, as well as applying splash screens to your messages. By using these features, you will enjoy using your Outlook for Mac with greater convenience.