WC overflowing, water drainage problem

WC overflowing is usually a sign of poor water drainage. Update on the causes and solutions to this problem of water drainage.

How to unclog a toilet

The toilets always get clogged at the worst times and you think how to unclog toilet when nothing works. Fortunately, you can dislodge most plugs yourself without paying a plumber. All you need to do is use a good suction cup or a homemade drain cleaner made with hot water, baking soda and vinegar. For deeper plugs, a snake driven into the duct or a wet / dry vacuum will do.

Prevent your toilet from overflowing. If the water does not drain properly when you flush the toilet, avoid flushing it a second time. There is only a risk that water will collect more in the bowl. Instead, lift the tank cover and close the water inlet valve to prevent water from flowing into the bowl.

The water inlet valve looks like a circular plug attached to a chain. The water in the tank is not dirty, so you can use your hands to close the valve. Prepare the bathroom. In case of splashes, place newspapers or paper towels on the floor to absorb the liquid. Cleaning will be easier later. Also turn on a fan or open a window to reduce strong odors. If the problem is serious, put on rubber gloves. The toilets are unsanitary, but a good pair of rubber housekeeping gloves will protect you from the germs inside. Wear gloves that reach up to your elbows.

Why are the WC overflowing?

The overflow of the toilet is very unpleasant. This phenomenon mainly indicates a problem to be taken seriously: an obstruction in the piping . It is then necessary to act very quickly, and besides it is impossible to ignore this problem, both in terms of daily comfort and the nauseating odors that emerge. To find the best solution for the situation, it is important to clearly identify the causes.

Clogged toilet: the most common causes

To remedy the situation, but also to prevent the problem from recurring, it is useful to know the causes of WC overflowing. Most of the time, the problem is with the toilet paper and / or wipes used. These are either too thick or too abundant and sometimes, it is toilet blocks or feminine hygiene products that clog the pipes.

It is also possible that the obstruction is outside the house . The cesspool (or sump) may be full, thus needing to be emptied. Or, it is the septic tank which no longer functions correctly, in particular because of a bad decomposition of the residues. Here, a professional plumber should be urgently called upon to diagnose the problem and remedy it.

How to react to WC overflowing ?

The first reaction is always to flush the toilet . Attention, this gesture must be carried out only once in the event that the water does not drain. Above all, do not go out of your way because the bowl would only fill up even more, until it overflows. To solve this problem, various solutions are possible. One can in particular use a suction cup, a ferret (manual or electric) or a pump un blocker to get rid of the plug. Be careful, it is preferable to avoid chemicals which are too aggressive and can damage the piping . Worse yet, they can encourage new blockages to appear, which would only make the situation worse.

If the use of the suction cup or the ferret did not solve the problem, it is better not to insist and call a plumber. He will establish a diagnosis with a precise estimate to solve the problem.

Precautions to be taken

Once the problem is resolved, it is essential to take various measures. First, you must limit the amount of paper used or opt for less thick paper plumbing problem. Then the toilet should be maintained regularly. Finally, if there are children in the house, it is wise to keep an eye on them, making sure that they do not throw anything into the bowl (toy, pen, etc.).

Also wear old clothes, just in case.

See if you can dislodge the clog. If you see the clog, reach out and get it out of the toilet if possible. If you can’t do it, but you know the problem is caused by an object (like a toy), skip this step and go straight to another method.