How Serverwala’s Dedicated Server UAE is helpful for Emerging Businesses

It becomes crucial to make a wise decision while picking up the computing hosting platforms to match your business requirements. You have to make sure that the hosting platform supports your web business operating procedures and, at the same time, serves as a scalable and economical option. Such variables are needed to be considered, especially for an emerging business. That is because, with time and the market’s ups and downs, your growing business will have to adjust to keep its stability over the web. 

Hence, this is where the UAE dedicated server finds its place. The dedicated server UAE enables the web business to acquire raw performance data with data storage and processor. It fits in almost all the emerging business scenarios, from managing processor-intensive workloads to scalable workloads. Here you will get to know about the best UAE dedicated server hosting provider and the privileges it serves to your web business. However, let us first get insights into the Dedicated Server UAE and its working in detail to comprehend its necessity for the developing business. 

Dedicated Server UAE Described 

How Serverwala's Dedicated Server UAE is helpful for Emerging Businesses 1

The dedicated server UAE enables you to own an entire server working for your web business. Your business website gets the dedicated resources such as CPU, operating system, RAM, bandwidth, etc., that you do not require to share with the other users. It is a powerful machine and can incorporate multiple processors. The dedicated server UAE is a bit costly if you compare it with the other servers. However, it gives total value for its cost by rendering many benefits and authorization and accessibility in running your web business. Let us introduce you to them in the following section. 

How will UAE Dedicated Server Benefit New Businesses? 

How Serverwala's Dedicated Server UAE is helpful for Emerging Businesses 2

Here are significant features of the UAE dedicated server that tell how it is beneficial for a growing business. 

High performance

Unlike shared server hosting, dedicated server hosting UAE provides fast processing and retrieval of information as the web resources solely operate for your web business. Also, the data will be processed locally in the dedicated server in UAE. Thus, there will be no lag while functions are being performed.  

The performance matters the most to the business websites as they involve many transactions of money and information. They cannot afford to wait as each second counts for them, and the time loss can become equivalent to the decrease in potential profit. Therefore, a UAE dedicated server is ideal for a growing business looking for a hosting platform for intensive load balancing functions. Moreover, since the dedicated server in UAE will be operating for your web business entirely, your business website will not require adjusting to the environment, unlike on the other hosting platforms. The hosting platform of the UAE dedicated server will function to suit the best for your website. 


With the dedicated server in UAE, you will be able to scale both the hardware and software resources according to the need of your business website. You will have to let your hosting provider know about your business needs and the things required will be done. You may scale up or down the web resources depending upon the conditions of the web market. 

Customization and Control

The UAE dedicated server allows you to configure your server the way you desire. You have the authority to customize the settings accordingly. Moreover, you can add, modify or discard applications and software as per your wish. You can further install the operating system on your dedicated server that comforts the most functions and supports the maximum applications that you want to run over your website. 

Most importantly, to have access to these defined features and attain the privileges of the UAE dedicated server, you must find the correct dedicated server hosting UAE provider to let you have the perfect hosting platform. To resolve your confusion, let us make you aware of one such excellent UAE dedicated server hosting provider- Serverwala

Why is Serverwala the Best Dedicated Server UAE Provider?

How Serverwala's Dedicated Server UAE is helpful for Emerging Businesses 3

Serverwala is one of the best-recognized UAE dedicated server hosting companies that gets counted in the list of most influential organizations in the Corporate World. It renders the cheapest dedicated server UAE with the following best-dedicated server UAE features.

Features of Dedicated Server UAE 

➢  Hardware RAID Support

The Serverwala UAE dedicated server supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10. You may buy any at an additional cost.  

➢  Premium Bandwidth

With the company’s best bare metal dedicated server in UAE, your business website will have the fastest network. It can experience the premium bandwidth from 100 Mb/s to GBPS bandwidth.

➢  Private VLAN Subnets

The Serverwala bare metal cheap dedicated server UAE will let you build private server clusters utilizing the 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets.

➢  Robust Network

All the Serverwala data centers’ network connectivity gets combined with the multiple Internet Exchanges, including Extreme-IX – Bandwidth, Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, NIXI, from industry-leading service providers.

➢  IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

With the bare metal UAE dedicated server, your business website will acquire one IPv4 and IPv6 address. Moreover, you can also purchase more IPs at different prices. 

➢  Service Level Agreement

The Serverwala hosting provider guarantees to render 100% network uptime and no downtime. With the company’s best-dedicated server in UAE, you will achieve the highest levels of network uptime and increased visitor ratio.

Plans of Serverwala Best UAE Dedicated Server

The Serverwala hosting company offers a wide range of cheap dedicated server UAE plans and packages. They all are flexible and scalable. You may customize them according to your web business requirements. With each dedicated server hosting plan, you will have 24/7 technical support from the company’s team. The company team comprises certified and experienced professionals to render expert solutions to all your server issues. They have the immediate response time and resolve the problems in the minimum period to let your website avoid any downtime. 

Customer Reviews

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Though Serverwala is one of the leading UAE dedicated server hosting providers, you do not have to go by just words. The best way to pick any hosting company for the service is to look for customer reviews as they reflect the actual background of the company’s services. Therefore, here we have presented the customer reviews of the Serverwala hosting company. Check them out. 

Final Words 

The Serverwala best-dedicated server in UAE permits users to give complete support to their growing business. It also lets them advance their web business to compete at the forefront of the web market. Connect with the Serverwala professionals anytime to get further information. You can browse the company’s official website to grab details about UAE dedicated server hosting services and facilities-