Should you choose hidden halo rings for your wedding in UK?

Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life and the one object that attracts the most attention on this day is your wedding rings. A wedding ring is important not just in terms of the emotions attached to it but also in terms of longevity. Each person wants their wedding ring to be beautiful and unique. There are various designs of wedding rings in the market that you can choose from depending on your budget and taste. One of the ring designs is a hidden halo design which is a modern take on the conventional halo design. What is a hidden halo design you may ask?

We all know that a halo design is one in which the center stone of the ring is surrounded by a series of tiny diamonds all along its circumference giving the central diamond a halo effect. A hidden halo ring design is one where the diamond halo is placed just beneath the center stone. In a hidden halo ring setting the diamond halo can either be placed just beneath the girdle of the center stone or at the base of the setting where the prongs begin to jut upwards.

If you view a ring of this setting from above, it appears to be a solitaire ring. But if you view it from an angle, you’ll be able to see the halo setting.  This feature not only adds to the beauty of the ring but also makes it a unique piece. You can purchase this type of ring in any store which is famous for Hatton Garden engagement rings.

The hidden halo ring design has been gaining popularity with a lot of people opting for it for their wedding.  This is because the hidden halo setting has its own perks. The hidden halo setting adds more detail to the simple solitaire ring design. It gives the ring a unique touch where it appears as a solitaire when viewed from above and as a hidden halo ring when viewed from the side.

The hidden halo ring setting makes the center stone appear larger due to the extra light reflected from the shiny row of diamonds just beneath it. It adds sparkle to the ring and accentuates the center stone by drawing attention to it. Additionally, they cost as much as the halo ring design giving you an opportunity to opt for a unique design without having to pay extra.

The hidden halo ring design is a versatile design and allows you to be flexible in your choices. It pairs well with diamonds of any shape giving you the liberty to choose the shape of your center stone. It also helps in masking in inclusions that are present in the pavilion area of your center stone without changing the beauty and sparkle of the diamond. It allows you to mix two types of metals in your ring giving it a different look.  You can also pair it with other colored gemstones or lab grown diamond engagement rings. All these features make the hidden halo setting very versatile and much preferred for weddings in UK.

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