CBSE Class 12 Biology syllabus 2022

CBSE Class 12 Biology syllabus is pulling for board exam confusion. Referring to the syllabus will help you learn the curriculum for the Biology subject flatly, helping you to sustain track of all the topics and divisions to be bestowed for keep exams. The syllabus covers the lettering design of the Biology exam that can help you select which difficulties to cover first and how to advance with the learning. The syllabus also embraces topics for objective examination, directed books, and the internal inquiry listing project for Class 12 Biology. 

Class 12 Biology Syllabus comprises topics like replication – binary fission, the untruth of the flower, seed dispersal weight, budding, sporulation, and fragmentation, vegetative replication, pollination, and fruit corresponding. You will also study the ideas of the kingdom such as codominance, chromosomes, pedigree collections, and genes. You will learn about DNA, RNA, generative code, gene character, and how life commenced and was passed. Other topics include how various citizens live in important positions, ecosystems, and fellowship qualities. 

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Chapter-wise CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus 


The Class 12 Biology syllabus for 2021-22 struggles with 5 units and 16 chapters. These units comprise 70 marks intact while 30 marks are allocated to permitted analysis and subjective estimates. 

CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus.

Unit 1: Reproduction 

Reproduction, flower structure, procreative spirit, modes of generation, sexual and asexual reproduction, vegetative breeding in scrubs, male and female conceptive systems, pollination, birth control 

14 marks

Unit 2: Genetics and Evolution 

Principles of inheritance and improvement, biological evolution, central conviction, Lamarck’s theory of use and disuse of organs, DNA fingerprinting, evolution, Darwin’s theory of recovery, Mendelian inheritance, inheritance of blood groups, chromosome theory of inheritance, the arrangement of DNA and RNA, Hardy – Weinberg’s principle, human progression 

18 marks

Unit 3: Biology and Human Welfare 

Human health and diseases, microorganisms in food processing, bio-gas fertilizers, the outside system in human beings, parasites causing human viruses, plant breeding, single-cell protein, antibiotics, vaccination, animal husbandry, bio-control laborers 

14 marks

Unit 4: Biotechnology and Its Applications 

genetically changed organisms, human insulin, employment of biotechnology in strength and agriculture, RNA arrest, gene therapy, biosafety issues, Biotechnology, its principles, human insulin, employment of biotechnology in strength and agriculture, and importance, genetic engineering

10 marks

Unit 5: Ecology and Environment 

Organisms and populations, air pollution, people communications, biosphere reserves, environmental issues, ecological adaptations, structure and expectations of the ecosystem, habitat, and niche, loss of biodiversity, ecosystem, conservation of biodiversity, contaminated waste management, solid waste direction, ozone layer depletion, national diamonds, wildlife, and deforestation 

14 marks


70 Marks 

CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus FAQs

#1 Why is the Class 12 Biology Syllabus fixed? 

Class 12 Biology syllabus is a meaningful life that benefits you in study unfolding for the council exam. When you have a file of all to be tested for the exam, you can express a study plan consequently. The syllabus also helps you clasp a handbook of all your scholarship courses. You can color-code the topics based on their fee or the questions that you have acquired and are yet to be prepared. The syllabus also implies the exam prototype and the calling scheme for biology Class 12. 

#2 What is the summary for CBSE Class 12 Biology operative test? 

The practical examination compounds 30 marks in total. Students will be appraised based on one powerful investigation, practical record, spotting, viva voce, one minor exercise, and outline record. 

#3 How to assist besides the Class 12 Biology exam? 

  • Read the CBSE syllabus for Class 12 Biology thoroughly and discover the exam study and sealing design. 
  • Complete all the basic systems and do not query about any further topics. Prefer permissions only for NCERT books. 
  • Use flashcards to memorize crucial terms and pictures, for instance, the building of a meeting et cetera
  • Practice earlier year board exam themes and sample papers to recognize your areas of plasticity and powers in the subject 
  • Take online CBSE coaching from proficient tutors to learn all the typical postulates of biology with satisfaction 

#4 How can AskIITians help you to consign Class 12 Biology? 

the total syllabus for CBSE Class 12 Biology 2021-22 from the askIITians website and submit your right with our study amounts. We follow the latest CBSE guidelines and exam resourceful to deliver the best study assessments for Class 12 Biology: 

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