What does Manal mean in Urdu?

Urdu is a language that is used in Pakistan and it is the national language of Pakistanis. It is the language that is spoken in most areas of Pakistan and is considered the best there.

The names in Urdu have great meanings and they are used in Pakistan all over and are very easy to pronounce too.

There are various names in Urdu that are commonly used all around Pakistan and Manal is one of those names that are used commonly.

Urdu language

Urdu is basically a language that is not just one language, but it is a mixture of a lot of different languages which included Hindi, Farsi, and some other languages as well.

Urdu is not an uncommon language rather it is spoken by so many people all around the world.

This is a language that is spoken by about 70 million people all around the world as their first language, and it is spoken as a second language by about 100 million people all around the globe.

The language Urdu as we mentioned above is used as a state language and it is spoken by the people of Pakistan and it is also a scheduled language in the constitution of India.

There are a lot of different names that were used for the Urdu language before it was finally decided to be called Urdu.

In the beginning, it was called Hindvi and later on, it was given a lot of different names and people finally decided to call it Urdu.

Manal and its meaning

Manal is a name that is used for girls in Pakistan and it is basically a Muslim name and the lucky number that is used for Manal is nine.

Manal is a name that is originated from the Arabic language and people prefer this name for their baby girls because of its amazing meaning too.

A similar-sounding name for Manal is Nihal which you can use for your baby boy and you can also look for Nihal meaning to name your kid with that.

The meaning of Manal in the Urdu language is achievement or attainment and if you do not know how this name is pronounced, you can also look for how do you pronounce it in Urdu.

This is an Islamic name that is used widely because of its uniqueness and also because it is one of the easiest names to write in Urdu as well.

There are a lot of other names that are used in the Urdu language and that are very common. You can look for all these names on google and can find the name of your own choice for your baby girl or boy.

You can also look for the meanings of different names in the Urdu language and can decide the name for your kids whatever you want.

All these names can easily be found on google and the meanings can easily be found too. So, just go and search for it and enjoy the long lists of names.

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