Python for Cybersecurity: Why Is It Better?

As per a study, 39 hacking occurs every 39 seconds, and the average cost of data breaches in 2021 increased by 10%. If we check this increase in regards to money, then that will amount to $4.24 million. This is the highest record till now. Cybercrime is not a new term; the world has been trying to control these incidents ever since the emergence of the Internet. Pandemic has also given a helping hand in the occurrence of cybercrime. Remote working has made it challenging to identify and resolve data breaches in time. 

Cybersecurity is an international concern. Everyone wants to prevent high-profile breaches as much as possible, and Python is helping ethical hackers achieve that. Here are the benefits of using Python outlined by Python experts from Assignment Core: 

  • Easy to Learn – Python’s syntax is easy, and easily understandable. It allows you to write minimal code than most of the programming languages out there.
  • Open-source – With Python being free, a strong community of developers helps the language thrive and move it forward.
  • Debugging with Python – Python has made debugging easier. The reason for this is that it uses minimal code, making it easier for the developers to identify any errors and debug them in recorded time. 
  • Automation – As a developer, you will want to write a Python script that eliminates numerous day-to-day tasks. Python’s wide range of libraries gives it a lot of functionalities, which comes in handy for security professionals.
  • Automatic Memory Management – Python has memory management built-in by design. This basically means that developers will not have to worry about memory management.
  • Speed – Speed is a really important aspect of a security professional. Detecting any breaches ahead of time can save them from a heavy loss. Python lets professionals implement the code without any hassle.

If you are looking to learn this advantageous programming language check out Intellipaat’s Python Online Course. Using this language for Cybersecurity has many benefits, let’s look at them – 

  • Cybersecurity professionals can improve their efficiency with Python. It’s the ease of use nature that any experienced Cybersecurity professional can learn the language and start implementing it. 
  • Python’s extensive library list is another reason why it is a go-to language for professionals. These libraries help Cybersecurity professionals building scripts easily and in less time. They do not have to build the function from the scratch.
  • Python can be used to automate tasks, in scripting and data analysis, making it perfect for Cybersecurity professionals. One example is Regex, this is a tool that helps you search for a particular pattern within the text. 

Conclusion – 

With the exponential hike in cyber threats and demand for well-skilled cyber professionals are higher than ever. Python being a resourceful language can help these professionals achieve their objectives efficiently. Being a Cybersecurity professional who has a good understanding of both Python and Cybersecurity has a bigger opportunity in landing their dream job.

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