5 Essential Tips for Passing the ISACA CISA Exam

CISA Certification Exam is an impactful preparation for students or candidates who prefer to be in the region of auditing. It is a trendy exam as this exam is conducted worldwide. So as this CISA Certificate is very valuable, that’s why this exam is complicated to crack. If you think that a candidate can easily break this exam, then you are wrong. To translate this exam, the candidate needs to possess certain ideas and values.

So, to achieve this CISA Certificatation, which is globally accepted, you have to do a lot of hard work and set your strategy, which will help you crack this exam. You have to plan and be fully prepared if you seriously want to crack this exam. You have to refer to many books apart from the CISA manual, and you can give as many practice tests as you want. All these will help you to crack the exam.

Guidelines to Crack the CISA Exam

You will have to follow some guidelines or tips for getting through the examination. These tips will help you and work as a ladder to pass your exam smoothly and efficiently. These are some of the following information which you must follow:

1. You have to Plan

If you are an aspirant for the CISA Exam, you have to do all the planning beforehand. A candidate has to do good preparation to pass the exam. So to pass the exam you have to set your study timetable according to that. Putting your plan will help you manage your time, and you can decide how much time you will devote to studies and how much time you will devote to attending practice tests and all. Candidates can start the preparations whenever they want, but it is well suggested that if they start preparing for exams from four to five months before the examination, it would be better.

If the candidates focus on their studies and prepare nicely for the exam then, they can quickly start to crack the exam on the first attempt only. They need to be dedicated to their studies, and they have to avoid all other external disturbances minimum for their preparation time.

2. Prefer ISACA Review Manual

If you are an aspirant for the CISA exam, then it is advisable for you that you can prefer the ISACA Review Manual. In this review manual, you will get an idea about what will be coming in the exam, the main domains you have to focus on, and the other parts you can skip. So, it is very much necessary for a candidate to get through with the ISACA Review Manual. Referring to ISACA Review Manual doesn’t mean that you will not be referring to any other books. You can refer to as many books as you want and it will be better for you if you refer to other books because you will come to know about the variety of questions.

3. Be a Part of the Review Course

Many volunteers are providing many review courses. You can quickly get those review courses online. These review courses will be very much valuable for you because through these review courses. You will gain insights on the CISA Exam and how to crack this exam. You will get the guidance of a trained expert in this field. Their tips and techniques will be very much helpful and valuable for you all. So, experts prefer and refer to be a part of any review course.

4. Try to Think like a Professional or Accountant

If you are an aspirant for the CISA Exam, you must think like an IT professional or an accountant. Developing the skills and attributes like a professional beforehand will help them very much. By applying the details and using qualities of the accountant, they can understand the subject better. They can solve the questions in a better technical way. Most of the candidates who apply for this exam come from accounting or financial services backgrounds.

5. Give Practice Test

A candidate may have a lot of knowledge in this field or be thorough in all the domains, but it would be tough for you to crack the exam if you have not practiced any questions. So you must practice the previous year’s question papers or solve all the sample question papers. Sample papers will give you a concept about the questions which will come, and you can clear the form in the first attempt only.


CISA is considered one of the toughest exams, and if a candidate wants to clear this exam, they must be earnest about this exam and prepare accordingly. If they follow all these tips and guidelines, then they can easily crack this exam on the first attempt, but they have to work hard for it.