Your pretty classic pieces- gold rings

Gold rings have always symbolized elegance and sophistication, making them one of the most essential jewellery pieces in any collection! Gold rings also provide deeper meanings when personalized, making them a brilliant gifting option for family and friends. Due to its significance in the world of jewellery, gold rings are created in so many different styles and designs that you can choose specific ones based on occasion and attire.

Types of gold ring designs 

Though there are hundreds of beautifully designed gold rings out there, make sure you consider these popular ones:

1. Gold Bands

Gold bands are one of the most popular types of gold rings people purchase because they suit most occasions and outfits! Gold bands are plain gold rings with no gems or designs. However, you could always make the jewellery specific with engravings and custom designs, making bands one of the most versatile pieces of gold jewellery.

2. Antique gold rings

Featuring some of the most traditional designs out there, antique gold rings are perfect for traditional outfits and occasions. With intricate designs that have stayed popular for centuries, these rings can also feature coloured gemstones and sparkling diamonds, enhancing your style. 

3. Birthstone ring

Birthstone rings are usually gold bands featuring a single stone that represents the birth month of the wearer. These are personalized jewellery pieces, making them an amazing gift option as long as you know the receiver’s birth month. 

4. Cocktail gold rings

Cocktail rings were once seen as a symbol of power and wealth that women used to wear during the 1920s and are definitely a statement option worth considering. These are obviously not an everyday item but are perfect for special occasions where you need to have an elaborate style. 

5. Cluster gold rings

Cluster rings are also another statement option that features a primary stone at the centre with little diamonds surrounding it. However, these do not just have to be diamonds- you can purchase cluster rings featuring coloured rubies and emeralds, matching the piece with your other jewellery and outfits. Most cluster gold rings are not everyday pieces, but you could always purchase small ones suiting your everyday lifestyle. 

Guide to choosing the right gold ring

A few factors you need to consider before getting gold rings are:

1. Purity of gold

One of the biggest factors to consider before purchasing gold rings is their purity. Most gold bands and single metal rings come in 22K gold while rings with gemstones and diamonds are usually made from 18K and 14K gold. Therefore, before purchasing any gold rings, make sure you know their purity.

2. Choosing a colour

The three most popular shades of gold are yellow, rose, and white gold and based on these tones, you can match gold rings with your other jewellery. Moreover, each of these tones has its pros for purchasing. For example, white gold is the perfect shade for diamond gold rings since it enhances the sparkly of the stones. 

3. Choosing a setting

If you are planning on purchasing gold rings with stones, make sure you know what setting the stone is in. For example, most gemstone rings come in a prong setting since these can hold the stone in place for decades. 

Taking care of your gold rings

Maintaining your gold rings is as important as picking the right one, so consider these tips:

  • It is best to remove your jewellery before intense activities like swimming, gardening, and hiking to avoid scratches to the surface of the gold rings.
  • Avoid wearing gold rings to beaches and pools since chlorine and salt might cause damages. Also, you might want to avoid losing the ring in a large water body. 
  • When storing the gold rings, make sure it is kept in separate boxes or compartments. If storing that way is not possible, then you could always wrap each ring in small pieces of clothes to avoid scratches. 
  • You can occasionally clean your jewellery with a small piece of cloth to remove dust and oil. 
  • For deep cleaning, you can soak the gold rings in a bowl of soap water for about 10 minutes. If your gold ring has intricate designs, then you could always use a small cotton piece to clean the deep crevices and avoid any build-up of dirt. Finally, wash the gold rings with warm water and pat them dry. 

Ring designs in gold for female can also be made to match your other jewellery pieces by matching the colour of the stones and designs! 

Gold rings have always been a symbol of elegance and sophistication. And when personalised, gold rings provide a deeper meaning, making them a brilliant gifting option for family and friends. It’s presence in the jewellery world is so significant that gold rings are essential pieces of any collection!

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