Different Components to Make Up a Roof

The primary function of the roof is to protect a building. The roof covers a house from rain, snow, wind, and many other things. Therefore, a roof must be strong enough to perform well. The performance depends on the material and construction used to make up a roof. You need to know and understand a lot of things from roofers before making your roof. You have to choose the right components to make the roof strong.

Essentials Components Of Roof Construction –

Before choosing the components of your roof, you need to understand the entire roofing system. You have to know which materials are beneficial for different parts of a roof. You should choose your roofing components according to the design and purpose of the roof. Here, we are providing a brief description of some essential roofing components.

Roof Covering

The covering is a vital part of the roof. It protects the sheathing from weather and direct exposure. Therefore, you should use metal, tile, asphalt shingles, wood material, etc., for your roof covering. It will provide your roof with extra shielding and add a style element and design to your house.


Underlayment is a coating on top of the decking. It is mainly to protect your roof from bad weather. It would be best if you use black-colored thin paper or synthetic fabric for underlayment. It will protect the decking from harmful outdoor elements, water or air intrusion. You can take suggestions from the roofers about the components of underlayment.

Roof Sheathing

The sheathing is another crucial part of roof construction. The flooring materials of the roof are tiles or shingles, and sheathing is necessary to cover and protect the main structure. Generally, roofers use boards or sheet materials for roof sheathing. It distributes the extra load of a roof and provides broader roof support.

Metal Flashing

Your roof must be water-resistant along with strength. You have to do metal flashing on your roof to prevent water. Roofers use sheets and metals for the flashing of a roof. It is installed into the roof to restrict water in various joints from seeping in. flashing is mainly for the highly prone to water areas such as hips and valleys.

Drainage System

The shape of a roof is a vital part of the construction. You should design your roof structure so that the slopes can remove water from the roof. The shape, slope, and layout of the roof should be able to run the drainage system correctly.

Ventilation And Insulation

Apart from the structure construction, ventilation and insulation are essential for a roof. You have to arrange a constant stream of air following on the roof to reduce the humidity and condensation in the attic of the building. Also, you must plan an insulation process on your roof. Roofers can help you in this process.


The roof is the protection of your house. Therefore, the roof construction must be perfect. It must be strong enough to protect the building. The construction process and components decide the strength of the roof. You must know all the essential materials and understand the process before starting the work.

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