Deadlocks, what is the difference between them?

Feeling safe at our own home is an important part of our well-being. There are many ways how to protect your home, you can use outdoor cameras, install heavy doors and even hire some private security company for the protection. However, each and every part of that should be done right to make it all work. If you have cameras outside but your house is easy to access just by breaking your door window and open it from the inside – robbers could use that. We want to tell you about the main types of deadlocks and describe the difference between them. It’s just three main locks, but it’s really important to choose the right one for the specified door. 

Also, it’s really important to install the lock in the right way and make it reliably. If you don’t know how to do that – you always can reach out to the specialist. Just type at google “24 7 locksmith” – and you will see many such services nearby you. These guys are working in each town of each country, as it could be an emergency. 

Deadlocks are deservedly considered the most reliable locks for many years. These days are many types of deadlocks are exist, but we would about the main three of them. 

Single Cylinder

It’s the cheapest type of such locks and maybe, for this reason, people are often using this type. Also, it’s quite comfortable to use such a lock. The mechanism is requiring the key when you need to enter the house from the outside, but from the inside, you don’t need the key. There is a thumb turn that you could use. It’s really important to use such locks on the emergency exits, in the fire case you don’t need to search your key, you can just turn the thumb and leave. In such cases, each second are important and it could save the life. However, such locks have their weakness. If you have some glass parts on your door or window nearly – robbers most likely will use it. They can break the window, and turn the thumb to access your house.

Double Cylinder

This type of lock won’t let you open the door from the inside without a key, thus robbers can’t just break the window and enter your house this way. Sounds almost good, but as we were saying in the paragraph above – in the emergency case each second could save the life. If your door has some glass parts or windows nearly – this type of lock would be preferred, however, you should realize that you need a backdoor with a single-cylinder lock for the emergency. 

Lockable Thumb turn

It’s a compromise decision on the two locks above – it contains the thumb turn and also it could be locked with the key from the inside. If you haven’t the backdoor and you can’t your door has some glass parts – you should consider this type. Mostly such deadlocks are a good decision if you have kids at your home. If you will use the key from the inside – robbers wouldn’t be able to use the thumb to turn through the broken window. However, if you need to leave at home your kids and you will use the key from the outside of the door – kids will be able to open the door in the case of emergency. This means that you will be using the inside lockable key only while you are at home, in the emergency case you will react fast and use your key for unlocking the door. It’s a good decision as robbers won’t break any windows in the daytime. Your kids would be locked, and in an emergency case, they would be able to open the door and go outside while you not at home.