The Key to Success: How to Edit Videos Efficiently

Whether you’re editing your own videos or helping out a client with their video marketing strategy, an editor helps you get the job done more quickly than you might think. Online video editing tools can be just as efficient as desktop ones, and often provide more intuitive interfaces and tutorials that will help newbies learn the ropes quickly. One way to accomplish this is to use video templates

Here are some of the best tips  I’ve used over the years, and how they can help you edit videos more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Understand the Value in Using an Online Video Editor   

It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when people edited videos by hand. I’m not kidding! They actually sat down with tape and scissors and cut out every scene they didn’t want or needed—all by hand. Sounds crazy, right? Well, now that editing videos are an automated process, it’s even more important that you use professional tools to edit your videos. Here are the keys to a successful endeavor below:

The Key to Success: How to Edit Videos Efficiently 3

1) Know What Works

You don’t need super-expensive software for professional-looking videos. There are free video editing programs available for download online. Among them is Promo, an excellent option that rivals paid programs like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements. The interface takes a little getting used to, but it offers just about everything you need for basic editing functions. If you want more advanced options, try OpenShot or Shotcut.

2) Define Goals

Before you even think about editing a video, you need to define your goals. Do you want to generate more leads? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Is it customer service training? Whatever your goals, make sure they’re clearly defined so that every step in your video-production process is laser-focused on reaching those objectives. You can then use these goals to gauge how successful your videos are—and if needed, adapt them with new content or new goals.

3) Know What’s Important

The key to success when creating videos is not in how much time you spend, but rather in how much effort you put into making them great. When editing your video, focus on using only high-quality clips that align with your goals for production.

If you have several hours of footage of a long presentation, don’t fret. Focus on getting just a few segments that truly show your main points. If there are low-quality shots or parts where you repeated yourself, consider cutting these out if they distract from what’s important.

4) Focus on Quality over Quantity

Editing videos is a tedious task. It’s even more frustrating when you have an important message to get across but can’t because of a poorly produced video. However, with a good editing tool, you can turn any amateur footage into a high-quality product that helps your viewers pay attention and follow along. Promo does all of that for you so you can focus on creating something truly engaging.

5) Work Smarter Not Harder

Online video editor tools are one of many free or low-cost tools available for creating professional videos. However, they can’t turn you into a pro overnight. It takes practice to edit videos well, but it’s an invaluable skill that will help you create visually compelling content with impact. 

Tips and Tricks with an Online Video Editor

Online video editing software is extremely easy to use, simple, and convenient. With a video editor like Promo, you don’t need advanced training in video editing; you can create professional content with ease. If you’re looking for a quick way to make your videos stand out from everyone else’s, take advantage of editing software that helps you do it quickly and easily.

Here are 5 editing tips to use an online video editor effectively: 

1. Begin With Clarity 

Get straight to the point in your video by clearly indicating what viewers should take away from your message. 

2. Remember Your Story 

People have short attention spans when it comes to watching videos. So keep things interesting by adding relevant details about your experience or background that helps tell your story 

3. Focus on Pacing 

Strive for a natural flow in your presentation. Use pauses and small edits like cuts and jumps (or jump cuts) sparingly because they may distract viewers from important points 

4. Leave Space 

Leave space between words so there is no confusion about what you’re saying – and leave extra time before each thought so viewers can connect it with other parts of your message. These spaces give viewers time to absorb and reflect on ideas as they relate to one another. 

5. Don’t Overdo It 

If something doesn’t need to be included in your video, don’t include it! A cluttered video, even if each element within it is valuable, will detract from its overall purpose.

Will a Video Editor Help Me Create Professional Content?

Video marketing is quickly becoming a staple in any marketing campaign and for good reason—it’s one of the most engaging ways to convey your brand. But video editing can be time-consuming and frustrating. Hiring an editor isn’t always in every budget, so using an online video editor allows you to work on your own time and learn best practices while creating professional content.

What Else Do I Need to Create an Awesome Video?

While video editing software is a must, it’s not all you deed. If you want to create videos that people will watch and enjoy, consider investing in a few extra pieces of gear. One essential accessory is a good tripod. Without one, your shaky hands may ruin an otherwise perfect scene. Investing in a sturdy tripod can save you money and lots of headaches down the road. You might also need lighting equipment such as lights and reflectors.

The Key to Success: How to Edit Videos Efficiently 4

Final Thoughts

You’ve got an incredible video. The final product is nearly flawless, but if you want people to see it, it’s not just a matter of posting it on YouTube or sending out a mass email blast. These days, there are so many videos online—from big companies and independent content creators alike—that getting your work noticed can be difficult if you don’t have a solid marketing plan in place.