Essential Tips for Online Video Editor

Online Video Editor

Videos are now one of the most popular mediums of content and communication in the world. Video content has seen huge growth in the last few years as people want to watch more interesting and value-oriented content.

The advent of the Internet and social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram have boosted the popularity of video content. That is the reason why video editing has now turned out to be one of the most demanding skills in the media and marketing industry.

Brands take the help of several video editors who help them to create the most amazing videos over time. If you are planning to create videos like a pro, then you should learn a few things. Before that, check out these amazing tips that we have jotted down for video editors.

1. Learn the Shortcuts –

Keyboard shortcuts can turn out to be a real game-changer when you are editing videos on any editor. When you are aware of the shortcuts that your editor allows you to apply, it helps to bring more efficiency and also saves a lot of time that would have been otherwise wasted on finding a particular feature or function.

You can read different posts available on the Internet regarding keyboard shortcuts that are available for your editor. Once you figure out what the shortcuts are, you won’t have to sit and spend hours trying to find a feature that you can’t remember where it was.

2. Add Music and SFX –

A lot of people ignore this, but adding music and SFX to your video helps to bring a whole new depth to it. You can add any time the music or audio that goes well with the video, and it will help you to enhance the overall feel and look. Matching your music with the video also helps to make visuals more thrilling and exciting than before.

Don’t be too silly when you are adding music to the video. Make sure you add music that fits the visuals and feels relevant to the theme. Don’t add a metal song to a video that is spreading awareness about a disease. Adding the wrong music can completely ruin your entire video.

3. Ramp It Up Or Down –

Speed ramping is one of the best ways in which you can make your videos more exciting. You can definitely ramp your videos up or down to bring more elements to the frame and make them more attractive. Speed ramping is usually used for action scenes where you would want to focus on a particular thing in either slow or fast motion.

It can also finance your trips in order to fit them together within the sequence. Learn more about how you can ramp up the video, and it will help you to add some really cool effects to it just the way you like it.


4. Space Out Your Video –

You can make your videos more authentic and unique by spacing them in the right way. When you space out your videos, it helps to create a wonderful effect that makes the video a better piece. However, it may not add any kind of drama or tension to the overall clip.

You can make some impactful statements for the subject that are present in your video and make it stand out. You can learn more about how to space out your videos by checking out different online video editors. Different software has unique ways in which you can space out your videos.

5. Stabilize the Video –

Just like adding poor quality audio can cause serious problems to your videos, shaky videos can also bring down the value of your content. So, you should always try to stabilize your videos to make them look more professional and pleasing. There are several tools and plugins that can help you to stabilize your videos. Y

ou can even check out your editor to find if there are any stabilization features available in it or not. Warp Stabilizer in Adobe Premiere/After Effects and SmoothCam in Final Cut X are some of the stabilizers that you can check out. You can even find apps on your phone that will help you to stabilize your videos as well. 

6. Well Lit Videos –

Make sure that your videos have the right amount of light in them. Dull and dark videos don’t look good at all. People love watching videos that are bright and have enough light that can be seen clearly. Well-lit videos are more attractive and grab more attention from the audience. You can try to shoot your videos on bright and well-lit days when the sun is out.

Or you can use a good video editor to add more brightness and light exposure to the videos. Well-lit videos look more professional and pleasing to the eye. So, you should also focus on that all the time.

7. Use a Good Video Editor –

The video editor you are using also plays a very crucial role when you are editing your content. The quality of a good video editor is that it offers you all the basic and advanced editing features.

That is the reason why you can insert a lot of elements and add different customizations which will help you to enhance your video. There is a myriad of options when you are trying to find a good video editor in the current market.

DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, InVideo, and several other editors have become very popular among video editors. So, find out the kind of preferences you have and edit your videos in your own way.

Now, Let’s Start Online Video Editing

So, these are the top editing skills that you should take care of when you are planning to edit videos. Many online video editors are available these days that will help you both create and edit videos in just no time. Still, being aware of the video editing tips is always crucial. Make sure to check them out and let us know which one of these tips helped you the most in your process of editing videos. wordpress metabox