Fun Things You Should Do On a Road Trip With Friends

Going on a road trip with your best friends is the best vacation to imagine. There are so many fun things to do on the journey, including listening to your favourite music, planning the breaks on the map, and enjoying the whole process in general. Sure, some trips can be boring with mishaps on the way. Have you ever been lost? But when you travel with friends, even problems do not seem to be that serious. There are few ideas that will make your trip awesome and fun! Follow your guide to know more.

Record the Trip

One of our suggestions when you take the cheapest car rental under 25 and hit the road, is to keep a journal of your journey. Make someone in the car responsible for short videos along the road that you will combine in a big movie afterwards. You will notice how funny it can be to discuss some ideas in the car, to sing well-known songs together, and to watch this video later at home. Take lots of funny pictures, find a Polaroid camera and make this trip unforgettable that you can touch later. Create a social page of your journey and post all your adventures there. People will like this idea, follow, and comment on the trip. You will be able to use this audience later when you need lots of people for a future project. Create social connections.

Find out More About Each Other

If you spend many days on the journey with the same people, it is a great chance to know each other better. It will kill boring time and you will become closer. Even if you know each other for many years, all people have secrets, right? It is time to explore them. Play road trip questions and enquire about job, childhood, goals, and dreams. Ask personal questions, but find out the line that you will not cross being too personal. If someone does not want to answer, make this person do something instead of the answer, kind of drink or eat, or sing s song. It is a kind of ‘never have I ever’ game adapted for a road trip.


A road is a place where it is easier to listen than to watch something. So, listen to the music, choose the songs one by one. How that you appreciate the tastes of everyone. When you rent a car being under 25, assure that a car has a good set of speakers and Bluetooth connections. Make a list of movies’ soundtracks and play them. Move your drama to the next level, sing them all together. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts instead of radio, especially at a location with no Internet connection. Podcasts will give you ideas to discuss in the car and to share emotions. What is your favourite podcast? Podcasts usually give some inspirational ideas to make life better and to learn something new. But for a road trip, entertaining podcasts would be better.

Read Books

Proclaim an hour of silence and read books. Silence can let the driver concentrate on the road while the others read their books. What is the book you wanted to read for many years but were postponing it many times? Maybe it is its time now? Harry Potter? Everyone has read Happy Potter! Needless to say, that reading is desirable only if the road is good with smooth covering and the light is perfect for the reading. Care about your eyes.


If you manage to catch some hours of extra rest, try to do it, as nowadays we do not sleep enough in most cases. Let the driver sleep as well, and change roles in the car. When you take a car rental under 25 years of age, assure that you can use the additional driver, that you will not be charged for that, and that it is written in the agreement. If you plan to start early at dawn, many of your would like to sleep until morning when the sun rises, so try not to leave your car pillow from memory foam at home. If your friends are too loud to sleep, well, you have chosen them to be your friends, right?

Eat Snacks

To have a car with lots of tasty snacks is the first step to a happy trip. Being hungry on the road will never make anyone happy and the adventure will turn into a nightmare. When you are hungry, you are getting to be annoyed with everyone and anything in a second. Renting a car people usually want to save some money. If you think of snacks in advance, you will save a fortune instead of getting goods at the gas stations and in near-road stores. Do not consider getting only healthy food to the car, it is a fun journey, so some junky food can also be an element of fun. Take a mixture of healthy and junk food and concentrate on communication than on bad calories. Have you tried the new taste of Cheetos?

Road Essentials

When you start the journey with your friends, take these essentials to be sure nothing prevents you from being safe and sound:

  • Snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Universal charger for cars
  • First aid kit
  • Car garbage pocket
  • Anti sickness pills
  • Tampons
  • Powerbank
  • Travel pillow

Have a nice trip!