CBSE Class 7 maths exam: How you can score full marks

Class 7 is a relatively easy class for most students. It is not the first class of middle school. Hence, the students would not be overwhelmed by the syllabus. This is also not like class 8, which is the first class of the high school. Hence, the students would not feel the pressure of the looming board exams. Class 7 is a pretty easy-going standard.

You will just be learning everything you have learned in your previous classes, just in more detail. It would not be difficult for you to grasp the syllabus of class7, especially not the maths syllabus. You can easily score full marks in maths if you follow some tips. Keep reading this article to know more about those tips and how to score full marks in your class 7 Math examinations.

Preparation Tips

Let us take a look at a few study and preparation tips that will help you score full marks in your class 7 Maths examination.

  • It is a common notion among many that Maths is a tough subject. Actually, it is not tough at all if you know the basic concepts of Maths. For understanding the concepts of Vedantu class 7 Maths, you need to remember the concepts of class 6. The number system, the concepts of basic Integers, fractions, data handling, and so on, will be very necessary to proceed with the class 7th Maths. So, if you paid attention in class 6, you will easily be able to understand the first few chapters of class 7 Maths. If you face any difficulty, do not hesitate to ask your teacher. Your teacher will always be ready to clear all your doubts. Go through the Math theories, concepts, and formulas from your NCERT textbook. After that, practice the numerical problems from your textbook exercises.
  • After the first few chapters, you will get an idea of integers, fractions, decimals, data handling, and so on. You will know the basic concept of everything that constitutes these first few chapters of your seventh standard maths. Once you go through the textbook and learn the formulas, start practicing thoroughly. You cannot get good marks in Maths unless you practice. If you practice this third chapter after going through the first two chapters, then you will get the hang of the number system and how to play with numbers very well. 
  • After the first few chapters, comes the Geometry part. The next few chapters are all about some advanced geometrical concepts that you will study. Geometry is very important for you to learn. Get an idea of the shapes, angles, how to calculate the area, perimeter, and volume of a shape. Gaining an idea of these and learning the formula for the area, perimeter, and volume of various shapes is very important. After understanding the concepts of geometry, the next important thing to do is to memorize the formulas. If you memorize the formulas, then you will be able to do every type of problem related to that chapter. Once you are done learning the chapter, practice the numerical problems. Practicing the NCERT book questions is the best way to practice your maths. In your examinations, you will get almost all the questions from your NCERT textbook itself. So, the best way to approach your NCERT book for your maths examination is to practice the exercises at the end of each chapter. Practice each and every question given in the exercises to score the marks you desire. 
  • The first few chapters cover all the basics of Maths that a student of the seventh standard needs to know to progress further in their class. After these first few basic chapters, come the chapters like lines and angles, triangles and their properties, comparing quantities, rational numbers, practical geometry, and so on. If you know the basics of the first few chapters, you will have no problem grasping the basics of these chapters. Once you grasp the basics and learn the formulas, as usual, you need to practice. There is no better way to prepare for your exams than to practice your NCERT book exercises.
  • Lastly, besides all the basic mathematics stuff and geometry part, there is algebra. This would not be something completely new for the students of the seventh standard. If you paid attention in your sixth standard algebra class and listened to what the teacher taught, you will be able to understand everything about seventh standard algebra. After this, follow the textbook exercises to practice. 

These are some basic tips that can really help you score good marks in your exam if you just follow your NCERT book.


Now that we have come to the end of this article, there are a few more additional tips we are going to add. Do not be scared of Maths. Many students are scared of certain subjects and Maths is one of them. But as we have mentioned before, Maths is a subject where you can score easily, so, do not feel nervous or under-confident when you go to the exam hall to give your Maths exam. When you get your question paper, read the instructions thoroughly, and then start reading the questions one by one.

Do not read the whole question paper all at once and then start panicking. Read each question, try to remember what you learned, and then answer the questions accordingly. If you follow the tips I have discussed in this article, you will easily be able to answer every question in your exam. Good Luck!

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