How to Raise the Cost of an Apartment

Before starting selling your apartments consider easy but effective ways how to increase its price

  1. Clean Up the Apartment

Before showing, polish the surfaces of mirrors, glasses, tiles, hang fresh curtains, dust off, remove personal belongings so that the customer can feel like a host and not look at your photos. If the apartment smells bad, then do not use a freshener, because this will not work out, and the buyer will understand your intentions. Better ventilate the apartment.

Some customers, when showing a clean, tidy apartment (it doesn’t matter if it is empty or furnished), note that they feel a good aura, and therefore they want to buy an apartment, even if it costs a little more.

One owner told how she was able to increase the value of her apartment by 10%. She washed the windows and mirrors to a shine, added light, tidied up the entrance and put flowers there.

  1. Remodel Your home

Remodel Your home

The apartment can be put up at a low price if it needs remodeling. Ordering home remodeling services you increase the flow of views and give the apartment a more expensive look, which means that you can safely increase the cost up to 25%, depending on the class of housing (economy, business, comfort).

Real estate expert states:

– Once we sold a hereditary apartment. Potential buyers either left in silence or asked to cut the price by half. We decided to do home remodeling. But after that the apartment was sold from the second showing, for 15% more.

The main thing is to make the apartment bright and visually more spacious.

You can do these things yourself

  • paint ceilings;
  • clean and paint doors;
  • glue the wallpaper;
  • lay a new linoleum;
  • replace bulbs if available are too dark;
  • paint the frames in a light color or install inexpensive double-glazed windows.

You can also hire a Chicago home remodeling company and increase your home price much more.

Investments in remodeling should pay off. A simple home remodeling will cost not more than the difference between the cost of your home before and after remodeling. It is not profitable to do too expensive repairs, with the exception of exclusive objects.

  1. Paint the Walls in Neutral Tones

If you are a fan of wallpaper or you prefer walls with stucco molding, then it will be more difficult to find buyers than if you have neutral tones in your apartment. As research shows the apartments with walls painted in gray, pale blue or light blue were selling for more than similar options.

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The bright design in the left photo is repulsive. Better to choose neutral tones, because potential buyers will appreciate it more.

  1. Mask Flaws

To prevent buyers from noticing the flaws of the apartment, use little tricks.

Show in the evening an apartment facing the shady side is definitely not worth it. It’s already dark there, and even darker in the evening. You need to show during the day, with all the lights on and the curtains open. This is a very important point, because the depth of the room changes dramatically. If the curtains are closed, the client will feel that he is within four walls, even if the apartment is spacious.

If you can see a dump from the window, then the apartment is considered illiquid, and its value falls by 15%. But you can reduce this percentage.

  1. Do not Take Out Good Furniture And Appliances

If the apartment has good furniture or appliances, then ask the owner to leave it. Help him assess the property’s depreciation value and add it to the property’s price.

Clients who buy luxury real estate are often willing to pay more to get a ready-to-live object: with furniture, professional home remodeling. They just feel sorry for their time, which will have to be spent on repairs, buying equipment and furniture.

This technique works not only with elite housing – buyers understand that they will pay less for a TV set or leather sofa when buying an apartment than in a store. But this will only work in cases where the furniture and appliances are in very good condition.

  1. Tidy Up the Entrance

When thinking how to increase the value of an apartment before selling it, we rarely consider the state of the entrance lobby.

You can do it yourself

  • clean up the entrance lobby;
  • paint the walls if old paint is peeling;
  • ventilate the area if it smells bad;
  • put potted flowers on the windows.
  1. Take the Right Photos

According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 90% of buyers search for housing on the Internet. That is why the photos must clearly reflect the qualities of the property that are of interest to the potential buyer. And professional photography helps with this.

And you also need to hide all personal things and photos and remove excess from tables and nightstands.

  1. Prepare Documents

In order not to delay the transaction and increase the customer’s loyalty, it is necessary to prepare documents for the sale of an apartment in advance. A standard package of documents can be collected quickly. The experience of experts confirms that buyers are ready to overpay for a ready-made package of documents, just to close the deal as soon as possible.

In Conclusion

You can easily sell your apartments after making home remodeling and cleaning it up. Don’t forget to prepare your home for showing which will smell lovely and look attractive.