AI Image Upscaler – Enlarge Images Online for Free

Preface (why you need to improve image resolution):

The low-resolution image does not have the eye-capturing ability whereas a great and high-resolution picture can mesmerize the viewer. On some occasions, it depends on the camera quality to click the improved resolution picture. Similarly, there are many benefits of having a good-size and resolution picture in your gallery as you can get a better print of it.

There is the best alternative to AI Image Upscaler is Waifu2x. It is a very simple and straightforward tool than an image upscaler tool. Waifu2x upscales the image by removing the unnecessary noise. It consists of a noise reduction scale and to remove image noise and enhance the quality of an image.

In addition to this, a picture with a bad resolution can never print good quality. In contrast with this, a good and better quality image can have a good print. Therefore, you must have a high-quality picture with you that will serve multiple purposes.

Another available via which people can improve the image is Imgkits website’s image upscaler tool can make a better picture. The use of Artificial intelligence works perfectly on this website. According to the management of the website, they used the AI service that helps the user in summing up the best results of the photo.

A brief introduction to imgkits:

Imgkits is an online platform that is making life easier for the general public. Likewise, there are plenty of services that Imgkits has been offering to the users. It is pertinent to mention here that the uses of the tools of Imgkits are very easy and comfortable. In the following lines, we will highlight the few offerings of Imgkits.

Inpaint old Photos:

We all have old photos available in our gallery and most of them are in hard forms. Nonetheless, a few are in the soft copy also. Apart from that, if these images get distracted or caught any scratches or tears. The solution is to upload them on Imgkits and get the best results from the website.

Remove background:

This is another astonishing attribute of Imgkits. This service can remove the background from your photos. It is necessary to highlight here many pictures that need to have a better background. Therefore, we can change the background or add another beautiful back cover by exploring this tool of Imgkits.

AI Image Upscaler:

Image upscaler or image enlarger is pronounced as one of the most useful tools in the world of photography. E-commerce is the most essential business segment in our society and most people are doing this business. Image upscaler is needed in that business since all the business depends on the picture. For that reason, we recommend all the users to use this function of Imgkits.

Image Defogging:

Image defogging tool used to make the result of the picture more realistic. In winter when there is too much fog and you capture a click but haze makes it difficult to identify the object. In this scenario, the image defogging option of Imgkits comes into play and dehazes the image.

Picture Colorizer:

Turn black and white photos into colors in a few seconds. This is what the function of a picture colorizer is. This function of Imgkits fills the colors in old photos with intelligence. As a result, you can see the colors of old times. Mostly, our ancestors’ pictures are in black and white form.

What images can Image Upscaler process:

As the name of the tool suggests, the Image upscaler enhances the resolution of the image. As per the website Imgkits, you can use the imageupscaler tool for all the pictures. In addition to this, Imgkits can enlarge the resolution by 4 times. However, in most cases, the pictures with the smaller resolution are best to use in this tool. Nevertheless, you can use the higher resolution images also to enhance them further. As mentioned earlier, the use of image upscaler is very common on e-commerce websites. The reason is that on these websites, you only have to sell the product by showing its appearance. Similarly, a good and enlarged picture can catch the attention of the audience. Besides this, you can also use this “Image upscaler” service of Imgkits to enlarge old photos that are captured with the old cameras. Most of these cameras have obsoleted currently but the photo can be upscale by using Image upscaler. Notwithstanding, we can say that all the pictures that have a bit low resolution or mediocre quality are best for Image upscaler.

How to use an image enlarger to improve image resolution:

The function of the image enlarger is best to improve the resolution of the image. We can call this function an Image upscaler also. Apart from that, the use of an Image upscaler/Image enlarger is very simple. Imgkits can perform the task in a few seconds with the help of Artificial intelligence. It is pertinent to mention here that the use of AI is necessary for this as the absence of AI cannot create the best results.

Following is a step-by-step guide to performing the function of image enlarger or image upscaler.

  • Go on the website of Imgkits.
  • Click the Image Enlarger button.
  • Click on the Upload Image.
  • There will be three options available i.e. 2x, 3x, and 4x.
  • Choose the desired resolution.
  • You can download the upscaled or enlarged picture from the website.

This is a simple process for enhancing the resolution of the picture. The procedure does not take more than 5 seconds to complete the task. For that reason, we recommend all the users to explore this feature of Imgkits since it is a very handy feature and useful to perform multiple functions.


Image upscaling is one of the best options of Imgkits where the user can enlarge the resolution in no time. There are many other platforms available that perform this task but the way Imgkits works is amazing. It does not take more than a few seconds to finish the process. Besides this, there are multiple other services that are also available on Imgkits. On top of that, all the features are freely usable since the website does not demand any service fee from its users. Image upscaling is considered the most useful tool in e-commerce as many people have been doing this business. It is necessary to have good quality and high-resolution pictures on the website since it can attract the user to buy this product.