5 Best methods to gain more contest votes

5 Best methods to gain more contest votes

Are you contesting in a contest where you need online votes? Many companies keep this contest rule for a specific reason, and that is to spread the word about their brand and products.

So, when you take part in a contest and share your skills such as recipes, photos, dance, writing or any other talents, your work does not get over there.

Many times, the contest leaves it to the public to participate by voting in favour of their most favorite contestant to make them a winner. If you want to win the contest, keep up your winning spirit and follow these 5 best methods to gain more contest votes.

Start with a Plan

When the time comes for voting, you should remain all prepared. So, it is better to sit down and start making a plan before the voting day. Remember, if you start late, you will end up focusing on simply catching up with other leading contestants.

First, make a complete list of all the places where you can seek out votes. Then check out from the list whom you will ask for votes and how often? Simultaneously, keep a backup plan in case you need some extra votes.

Invite Family and Friends

In any situation, family and friends are the first groups of people whom you can ask for votes without inhibition. They will be ready to cast their votes to make you win. So, circulate that you are participating in so and so content and need votes.

Your family and friends may not be as huge as a city’s population, but decent enough to give you a steady stream of vote counts.

Use Your Email Contacts

You can even ask your teammates, coworkers, community or those whom you have previously emailed. It is better to either send them messages or emails so that you can ask them to forward them to their known ones further. This way, you might be able to get more help.

Here is a pro tip- insert your voting link in the email and briefly specify what they need to do to make their vote count. Often people dislike completing a survey before they can vote. Tell them ahead so that they can be ready and take the call when they do have time.

Powerful Social Media Influence

You should create an active community on social media sites where you can post about your voting request and also vote for others when they are in need.

Include your Facebook friends and followers in your voting bank. Personally message them and also post about the contest daily twice on your wall. Also, you can create a Facebook group and invite friends and friends of friends to join it. Share your voting link with other information there.

Follow this and share your voting link on your other popular social media handles like Twitter and Instagram as well. The more active followers you have, the merrier your chances will be to win.

Announce a Giveaway

Giveaways are exciting and noticeable moves to encourage the public to cast their votes in your favour. You can use this method and hold a small giveaway that includes a gift card or a special gift hamper.

Read the rules of your contest before using this rule to make sure they allow this during their voting, or else you could get disqualified.

Besides, don’t go overboard with the gifts. Giveaways are like a small thanking gesture. So, a small, low valuable, yet lovable prize will be good enough to remind them to vote for you.

Last but not least, remember that to honestly be appreciative towards your voters.

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