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To provide daily updated high-quality new stylish clothes and accessories at factory price, Hong Kong Yiqi Information Technology Co., Limited (2948901) primarily focuses on delivering factory pricing for new fashionable clothing and accessories. We sell things that have been manufactured at the WHOLESALE7.NET factory or by other superior producers in the marketplace. Not only are there a variety of sexy, trendy dresses, suits, blouses, pants, shoes, and purses for ladies, but there are also a variety of casual sports men’s clothing options for you to choose from. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing better customer service and inventory management, we have implemented a global shipment system to make your shopping experience even more convenient. Since 2011, wholesale7 has gained a great deal of wholesale expertise and a solid reputation by adhering to the principles of Honesty, High Quality, and Good Service.



Wholesale7 defines and markets its products by channel of purchase. Currently, we operate on wholesale, retail and online media. Grocery Outlet: Wholesale7 mainly sells products for use by people at home. Because most of our customers are women, we mainly sell products for daily use. Our merchandise is all up to the most recent trends. And the price is higher than in the shopping malls. Women’s Clothing: Some of our female customers also wear Wholesale7 clothing to go to or to meetings. Many customers have never come to the shopping malls to buy. At wholesale7’s physical store or online, they can choose Wholesale7’s clothing according to their budget, fashion and favourite style.

What is the best brand for women?

The best brand for women for suitable items is WHOLESALE7.NET. We offer our customers cheap wholesale prices, but we work hard to ensure that they get their items on time and have a pleasant shopping experience. If you love fashion and fashion needs are as important as your physical wellbeing, you will love our site.  How to choose the best designer? Before you choose the best brand for women, check the reputation of the company first. If they are online and sell clothes, why you can find information on the site about brand reputation, product quality, price, customer service, etc. Despite that, consider the costs.

WHOLESALE7, a wholesale store

We are the first and only supplier of high-quality fashionable women’s clothing and our attitude towards updated, hot new trends. Please see our brand list:  1. Tracksuit set with a slogan with plaid pattern and netting at the back,  2. Workwear tunic with team logo and plaid fabric and jacket with a tracksuit for men  3. Top with tracksuit pants in high school, women’s jeggings  4. Swimsuit set with printed print at the front,  5. Uniform pants for women with tracksuit, double over pants, nylon trousers, baggy trousers  6. Outdoor clothing with the roomy zippered sweatshirt, t-shirt and skirt  7. Classic casual trousers, ankle socks and T-shirt in quality leather  8. Tight-fitting jeans with a metal rivet at the back,  9. Form-fitting denim,  10. Silk jeans,  11.

Items are offered at WHOLESALE7.

These are the current fashion products that we offer:  Donate InStyle1 bag Donate Wish64 suit Donate Power drive p-51 sports person biker jacket Donate 7 star xi professional, casual pants for female WHOLESALE7 high-quality clothing for women WHOLESALE7 is a fashion brand that offers you unique and trendy clothing for women in perfect taste at a reasonable price. Our goal is to bring you trendy and unique fashion products without breaking your bank. Today, our new collections are available for a limited time only. Take advantage of the quality and variety of the new collection, and don’t wait for a sale to come around again. We will continue to update our product lines frequently.

WHOLESALE7’s competitive advantage?

Founded in 2012, WHOLESALE7 is now one of the leading fashion brands for women in the world. Our online store was first launched in July 2014 and has quickly developed into one of the most oversized clothing and accessories sellers for women in Hong Kong. Our range of products covers a wide range of fashion styles and fits which are constantly updated to meet your demand and changing fashion trends. We are happy to make our customers happy and welcome them to the WHOLESALE7 family. The business wholesale7 now has over 500 partner brands to provide a full range of clothing for women, men and children. Most of the women’s clothing is of high quality with a trendy style. Our store also has a massive range of adult and kids’ fashion clothes.


Lady’s fitness clothes e.g. women’s tracksuit set, the trendy strolling skirt, navy swimsuit glitter floral costume navy swimsuit high-end yoga pyjamas, silk scarf set sweatshirt shirt, blouse, overalls, jogging pants bed set, maxi dress matrix t-shirt dress, navy floral jumpsuit, satin jogging pants so, dresses, skirts, tops, pants, and shoes of our brand are the best ones of the global fashion market. Gloves & Handbags Now, wholesale7 is the only go-to source for all fashion accessories, such as purses and handbags. You can purchase trendy handbags, wallets, mittens, and wallets. To fulfil customer needs in the shortest possible time,

Trendy plus size clothing

Trendy plus size clothing including sexy stylish dresses, suits, tops, pants, shoes and bags for women with various casual sports men’s clothing for your choice. We are always dedicated to offering better customer service and improving our stock condition and a worldwide shipment system to enhance your shopping experience. Since 2011, wholesale7 has accumulated a lot of wholesale experience and an excellent reputation by sticking to Honesty, High Quality & Good Service. Wholesale7 is the best fashion brand for women: a review from www.wholesale7.net.


We work hard to satisfy our customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, we offer an excellent 100% money-back warranty and also a payment guarantee.