Picking the Best Spinning Rod

As an angler, picking the best spinning rod is a key factor in catching fishes. A good fishing rod can make your day on the boat a very productive one. However, most anglers are confused about whether to choose casting or spinning rod to catch fish.

It’s like choosing the perfect car to buy, picking a spinning rod to catch fish can be confusing and tricky. Therefore, you should know how to choose a spinning rod that suits your preference the best. In this article, we will see some factors that can guide you through the selection process.

5 Factors to Consider when Picking the Best Spinning Rod

If this is your first time, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the perfect spinning rod for fishing. There are several things that you need to consider. These things can play with your mind as it is not easy to decide on one.

As a result, you need a proper guide to help you choose the best spinning rod. Firstly, you should remember to consider 5 key factors. These factors are things that you must check while buying or making the spinning rod. For example, the length of the rod, materials used to make it, the action, rod power, and the construction are the 5 things that you will have to check.

In the next section, we will thoroughly look at all the factors in detail. It will help you in building a constructive way of choosing the best spinning rod in the business.

Length of the Spinning Rod

One of the first things that you will need to check is the length of the spinning rod. The range of the rod may vary from 4 to 14 feet. The length will comply with the kind of fishing you intend to do.

The length of the rod will determine the distance you can cast the bait. If you want to cast to a longer distance, the length of the rod should be extended. On the other hand, shorter rods will enable you to fish closer to the boat. In addition, you can have much more control over the fishing with a shorter rod.

So, how do you choose? Firstly, determine where and how you intend to fish. If you are fishing from a boat or a kayak, you may not need to cast far. Therefore, you can opt for a short spinning rod that will be easy to handle. The shorter rods will be more powerful as well. For any other situation, you can go for longer rods that are more than 8 feet.

Materials Used to Produce the Spinning Rod

Spinning rods are made of 3 different types of materials. Depending on the materials used to produce them, your choices will vary. Each type has different functionality and benefits.

Fiberglass rods

Fiberglass is the oldest material used to make spinning rods. This material makes the rod durable and strong. Moreover, they are easy to use in making fishing rods. As a result, spinning rods made from fiberglass can be cheaper than others. If you are new to angling activities, you should consider choosing fiberglass rods. However, they can be heavier, and controlling them can be a bit tougher.

Graphite rods

In contrast to fiberglass rods, graphite rods provide a much lighter experience in fishing. Therefore, it is the most popular material for making fishing rods. The fiberglass rods sense fish bites better than any other rod. However, they can be a bit costly.

Composite rods

The final materials used to make spinning rods are composites. This material makes the rod perform the best because it provides the user with flexibility and versatility. Unfortunately, they are the most expensive ones. Therefore, this is the type of rod you should have in your arsenal if you are a professional or an experienced angler.

The Action of the Fishing Rod

Action is a key indicator of the performance of the rod. It has a lot of impact on your fishing. Therefore, you must be sure of what you are looking for before picking the rod. There are 3 types of actions by a spinning rod.

Fast/Heavy action

You can bend the topmost part of the rod with fast action. These rods are also very sensitive. As a result, you will feel the vibration of any kind of pull from the bait. They can also quickly snap the hook back. Moreover, you can install huge worms on a single hook as you may already understand that this type of rod is necessary for professional purposes.

Medium action

Just like the name suggests, medium-action rods are a little slower and less bendable. However, these rods will give you more versatility. That means that you can use them on different water levels and catch different sizes of fishes.

Light/Slow action

Slow action rods are the most bendable ones. As a result, you can catch the smallest and quickest of fishes. That makes the whole experience more fun and exciting. So if you are looking to fish for leisure, this is the action you should choose for the spinning rod.

Choosing the Right Rod Power

The power of the rod is closely related to the action. Power suggests how much weight a rod can take. It means that a heavier rod will be able to carry larger fishes. On the other hand, lighter rods will have less power and carry smaller fishes. The range of rod power can be from Ultra-Light to Ultra Heavy. However, it would help if you kept in mind that a heavy power rod is not equivalent to the rod being longer in its length.

The Handle Construction of the Rod

The last characteristic you must carefully examine is the handle of the spinning rod. You must check the material used and the shape of the product. Usually, rod handles are made with either cork or EVA foam.

On the one hand, cork provides more comfort and control to the rod. On the other hand, foam handles are much more durable. In addition to this, you can easily clean and take care of a handle made from foam.

If you want to consider the shape, you should either look for the pistol grip or the trigger grip. Pistol grips will provide you with accurate throw and movement. The trigger sticks will require both hands to throw. Nevertheless, both type of grips is quite similar, and you can catch any kind of fish with them.


Picking the best spinning rod is probably one of the most important choices before going fishing. As an angler, you would want to use the best rod possible for the best experience. The 5 factors mentioned in the article should be your go-to parameters to choose the best rod for the business.