Easy Tips for Choosing a Smartwatch


Smartwatches have changed the digital world. Nowadays lifestyle is highly influenced by technology and smartwatches are a proof of this. If you want to buy one. Here are some of the easy tips for choosing the right smartwatch:

Compatibility and operating system

Since most smartwatches are designed to be paired with a smartphone, device compatibility is very important. Some devices can work with Android smartphones, some work with iPhones, and, for example, Samsung Gear S3 syncs equally well with phones running both operating systems.

Smart watch display

Almost all smart devices now use a color LCD or AMOLED display, which allows you to view images, applications and other content in rich and vivid colors. When you see the Watch fit new display, it beats all the others and make your experience worthwhile. The use of color screens significantly reduces battery life, although manufacturers are constantly improving the efficiency of devices.Color screens consume a lot of energy, so if autonomy is very important to you, you should look for a monochrome device.

Interface: buttons versus sensor

Everyone is already accustomed to touch screens on smartphones and tablets, and such a screen should not cause any difficulties in a smartwatch. However, it can sometimes be tricky to hit the buttons on a small screen with your fingers. Especially if the fingers are not the thinnest. For example, Apple has chosen a combined approach in its Apple Watch, which offers a touchscreen and a digital crown on the right side of the gadget case. This crown is used to navigate the watch interface and call some other functions.

Personalization and design

Some manufacturers offer a wide range of replacement straps and bracelets for their devices. This is a very important criterion when choosing a smart device. Some models have the ability to quickly change straps using a spring-loaded latch.

If desired, it will be possible to install a strap of a different color or from a different material. You can purchase a more classic, leather or metal bracelet. Nowadays, manufacturers of traditional watches have also joined the production of smartwatches. Companies like Movado, Tag Heuer, Emporio Armani and even Louis Vuitton have at least one smartwatch in their arsenal.

Calls and notifications

Almost all normal smartwatches will notify you of incoming calls, messages or reminders. But if you are an active user of social networks, you should pay attention to the possibility of integrating the device with such networks as Facebook and Twitter.

Some watch models have a SIM card slot. This is also a very useful addition to the capabilities of a smartwatch. With a watch with this ability, you can make and receive calls, you can even go online, if necessary, without connecting to a smartphone.


Although the smartwatch industry is still quite young, some manufacturers already offer dozens or even hundreds of smartwatch apps.

Apple remains the leader in the number of applications for wearable gadgets. More than 20,000 apps are available for download for Apple Watch. At the same time, there are already a lot of applications for Android Wear devices. The official figure has not yet been published, but there are definitely more than a thousand such applications. For other operating systems, such as Samsung’s Tizen OS, or Fitbit OS, which Fitbit used in its first smartwatch, the Fitbit Ionic, the number of apps is still limited.

Fitness functions in smartwatches

As fitness trackers continue to be in demand, manufacturers have begun to integrate activity monitoring capabilities into their devices as much as possible. Many watches will depend on your smartphone for tracking activity, but most have at least a built-in pedometer and heart rate sensor.

But their readings will not be as accurate as those of professional fitness trackers. Therefore, if you want to buy an activity tracking watch, it is better to pay attention to the tracker.

For some users, the built-in GPS will be helpful. This will measure the distance traveled or the number of steps taken during your workout. And you won’t need to take your smartphone with you. And the data collected during the lesson will be transferred to the application installed on the smartphone, the next time it is paired with it.