3 Easy Ways To Make VoIP Connection 2021

More businessmen want to switch to VoIP. It comes with more advanced features and cheap bills. The hardware cost is also expensive. Setting up the hardware is quite challenging, and time-consuming.

If you select the right VoIP service provider, the transition of the cloud phone system becomes easy. How to set- up the VoIP for your business.

One of the basic reasons businesses love to opt for the best VOIP service is that you can easily get started with it. You have already tested the things that consist of high-quality phones. 

All the phones, you just need to plug in, you can easily access all the phones by using the IP address. You do need to assign the phones to the staff members by using the easy and comfortable online user interface. 

The basic VoIP phone system plans start from $20 per user per month. It comes with multiple

features along with unlimited calling. You can make calls in the US, Canada,

VoIP in the USA. It is a perfect phone system for remote team workers. You can

use it in an office at home. It got a lot of appreciation because of the amazing service. The

company will provide help in every way regarding installation, resolve multiple

company issues and highlight the most important issues of the company.

Must-Know, how to set up the VoIP phone system

  • Check out the internet connection and Network.
  • Make an investment in choosing hardware and software tools
  • How to set up a VoIP phone system for business.
  • Make testation of the VoIP Phone System
  • Give training to your office staff to know about VoIP features

Why is the VoIP Phone System different?

If you want to know more details, how to set up your VoIP phone system apart from the analogue phone system. 

An analogue phone system directly connects to the Public switched telephone network. The PSTN uses dedicated phone lines. It requires a direct connection to make calls. 

The IP phones are connected to the telephone network via using the VoIP provider using the internet connection. It converts the audio sound into the data and transmits it by using the IP (Internet Protocol). The data service providers transform the signals into the analogue and transfer it through the PSTN. 

On the other hand, the SIP phones do not require dedicated landlines. It is easy to equip VoIP with the office. While using the traditional phone system, you can share the connection with multiple employees, the PBX is also required on-premises. 

Check out the internet connection and Network.

It is more important; how much bandwidth is used. It is about 100 Kbps upload and download per line. 

Some internet Service providers offer gigabit speeds with business plans. The current connections work faster for the VoIP phone system. Some home connection upload speeds become slow such as using the DSL connections. 

The VoIP call quality is related to the stability of the connection. Wired internet connection 

Consisting of fiber or cable is more preferable. 

If you want to take the VoIP speed test, you must test your network and know about potential problems. The results give an idea that VoIP can handle the installation of VoIP.

You can also configure QoS and give priorities VoIP data and packet

Make an investment in choosing hardware 

The usage of VoIP has become essential in the last few years. If you are already engaged with the VoIP Provider, you must invest in the VoIP hardware. There are different types of VoIP hardware equipment available, you can choose it and run VoIP phone system smoothly. 

If you want to get great sound, you must invest in high quality Desk phones. It is more and less expensive to make and receive calls. 

The high-quality VoIP headsets provide a great complement to your business. You can walk around while making calls. The agents can easily look up the customer information, chat with other team members and add notes to the CRM. 

How to set up a VoIP phone system for business.

Once the provider provides the hardware. It is time to complete the VoIP Phone system in your office. There are specific stops can be taken usage of hardware and no of employees


Some VoIP phone systems and handsets are ready to plug and play. If you purchase the phones from a third party. The whole process may require additional steps. Make testation of the VoIP Phone System

If you want to do everything in the right way, you must have a fast connection. It would not create any issues. It is better to use safe options. You must pay attention while making calls.

Check Audio Calls:

Are your calls clear in voice and consistent in the communication? You don’t find any sign of the low audio quality.


 Do you find any significant delays during the calls.; If you are saying something and the other person receives it.

Stability of Connection:

Your calls are temporarily dropped. There are some firewall settings that have become the main cause of dropping the calls. The calls usually drop after 11 minutes. You can test the calls around 30 minutes


There is a lot of Network activity happening. You must try the lines. The network congestion creates a lot of line issues. You face issues of dropped calls and distort sound. 

Give Training to your office staff to know about VoIP features

  • For a small business, you can switch to VoIP, it comes with excellent business phone features. While using the traditional phones. You can integrate the phones with CRM.

For many small businesses, a switch to a VoIP number represents the first time they have meaningful business phone features. It provides custom Routing policies. You can send