Fun Ideas To Celebrate National Teddy Bear Day

teddy bear

Almost everyone loves teddy bears, and national teddy bear day celebrates our love for teddies. Occurring every year on the ninth of September, the national teddy bear day is a great time for kids as they get to see both small and enormous teddy bears on that day. 

Parents must further encourage children to celebrate this day to help them polish their socializing skills and learn many new things. Therefore, if someone wants to celebrate this day but is not very sure about it, then here are some ideas that will help.   

Here’s How You Can Celebrate National Teddy Bear Day!

Throwing A Tea Party With The Teddy Bear

One enjoyable way to celebrate national teddy bear day is by throwing a tea party. We can invite our children’s friends along with their parents and have a good time while sipping some tea or coffee. While the adults sip tea, the children can play with each other with their teddy bears.

Making Teddy Bear-Themed Snacks

If someone loves making food, especially snacks, they can create many different teddy bear-themed snacks. This will be awesome for the children as they get two of their favorite things into one. 

Baking cookies shaped like teddy bears can help one win the children’s hearts without much effort. We can also take this opportunity to teach the children about baking by making them a part of the cookie-making process.

Making Teddy Bear Crafts

Another fun thing to do on national teddy bear day is to open the old bag full of craft supplies and get started on creating some amazing and unique teddy bear crafts with the children. 

This can help a child learn many new things about making crafts while also helping them enhance their existing craft-making skills. One can create little teddy bear batches for the children as they will love it.

Visit Build-A-Bear

One of the most excellent ways to spend national teddy bear day is by taking a visit to any nearby Build-A-Bear workshop. Both children and parents can have a good time in one of those workshops as the children can make their unique teddy bears while the parents teach them how to do it. Furthermore, children will get the opportunity to play with many other enormous teddy bears, which can be a memorable experience. 

Build-A-Bear also offers numerous discounts on national teddy bear day so parents can leverage that opportunity to make beautiful memories with their little ones.

The national teddy bear day is something that will occur every year but our children playing with teddy bears is not something that will last for long. No one can stop a child from growing, and as they grow, they tend to lose their affection for teddies. Therefore, we recommend parents do something interesting on national teddy bear day and some beautiful memories while we can. One can also visit the site here to learn more about teddies.