Dr. Ryan Shelton Gives 8 Tips For Finding the Perfect Skincare Solution For You

Have you spent more time and money than you’d like to admit on finding the right skincare products? Many people find that they need different products for different parts of their body or their skin changes over time.

Here are some tips from Dr. Ryan Shelton that should help you find the perfect skincare solution for you.

Understand your skin type and the conditions you want to improve.

There are four different skin types: dry, normal, combination, and oily. It is important to know which you have as this will help determine what products you need. For example, those with dry skin should be using more moisturizing products while those with oily skin should look for a product designed to absorb excess oil.

If you want to improve the appearance of any skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, redness due to irritation or sensitivity, you should be looking for products designed to address those concerns.

Consider what types of products you are looking for – moisturizer, cleanser, sunscreen, etc.

There are many different products on the market and it is good to know what you want before looking at the ingredients. For example, if you are trying to make up for a lack of water in your diet and find dry skin, try looking for a moisturizing product with hyaluronic acid or glycerin. If you are looking to remove oil from your face and minimize pores, you could try using an oil-absorbing product with witch hazel or clay.

Look at ingredients in both active and inactive parts of the product.

It is important to know that just because a skincare product has one ingredient, does not mean that it will work the way you expect. If you are looking for acne treatment, you will want to look for products that contain salicylic acid as it is known as a BHA (beta-hydroxy acid). AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids, are usually found in inactive ingredients. The ingredient list should be listed from most active to least active so if there is not much difference between an AHA and a BHA in the inactive ingredients, you may want to look for a different product.

Test out a few different products before settling on one that works best for you.

It can take some time and trial and error to find out what skincare products work best with your skin type according to Dr Ryan Shelton. Many people have success with one brand when they first start using them but later find that another brand works better. If you buy skin care products from a store with an open return policy, such as Ulta or Sephora, this can be a good way to try out several different brands and products until you find the perfect one for your skin.

Be wary of any “miracle” cures or promises that seem too good to be true.

It is important to do your research before making any purchases. Many products have ingredients listed on their website but you can always check out the ingredient list for yourself with a quick Google search. If you are looking for acne treatment, it is best to avoid products that contain benzoyl peroxide as this ingredient can bleach fabrics and cause irritation.

Make sure it is easy to find/buy where you live.

When buying skincare products online, remember that different countries may have different ingredients allowed for use in skincare products. For example, the EU Food and Safety Commission allows a sunscreen filter called Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate to be used in skincare products but the FDA does not allow this ingredient to be used. This can lead to different ingredients being included depending on where you are searching for skincare products.

Determine how much money you would like to spend each month on skincare products.

Skincare products come in many different price ranges and it is important to determine how much you would like to spend each month on skincare products. If skincare products are a luxury for you, look for inexpensive options such as drugstore products. If budget is not an issue, consider investing in higher quality skincare products with ingredients known to be effective.

Determine how much time you have to spend on skincare.

Some people love spending a lot of time performing skincare routines and others barely have enough time in the day to shower and brush their teeth. If you would like to start including more skincare products into your routine, it may be helpful for you to try using sheet masks, which only need to be left on for 10 minutes. If you would like to save time and still get benefits from your skincare products, look for ones that do not require constant use such as moisturizing lotion or sunscreen.


Skincare products can be overwhelming to find, especially if you are new to the world of skincare. If you do not know where to start or what types of skincare products would work best with your skin type, try keeping it simple and take a look at active ingredients in products. This way, there is no guesswork and you will know for sure what is included in the product.