Best Exercise Machine for Sitting Comfortably at Your Workplace

There might be many reasons why your back has been hurting for a long time. Some people suffer from upper back pain and some from lower back pain, but the most common reason for the back pain is poor static posture such as standing or sitting.

In addition to that, when you bend, lift, or twist badly, you might end up hurting your back, resulting in back pain. Chronic back pain might affect your day-to-day life. You might find it challenging to perform your normal activities.

Research shows that you might get rid of back and neck pain when you sit properly with adequate support.

However, people still don’t know the correct sitting posture. Advertisements and assessment guides show that you should sit very straight while keeping your back away from the chair back. Also, they show that our hands and arms should be held rigidly at 90 degrees.

In reality, this information is misleading.

Some fitness enthusiasts and doctors also recommend buying the best exercise machine to help relieve your back pain.

However, 80% of your back pain issues will be cured when you correct your sitting posture. In this post, we will discuss how to sit properly in detail. Whether you are working from your office or home, these sitting practices you should follow to keep your back pain-free and strong.

When it comes to sitting in the chair, follow the below guidelines.

First of all, you need to sit in a manner that your back touches the chair. Sit as far as you can to ensure that your back is in the line of the chair. Ensure that you adjust your back height in sync with the chair.

Your back must get support from the chair. Sit in a position that even if you relax, you should be in the same position.

Now you need to check out the depth of the seat. You should ensure that your lower leg back and the front edge of the seat should have 2-3 fingers width. If not, you need to change your chair.

You also need to have a chair with the height adjustment feature. Adjust the chair’s height so that your shoulders are relaxed when you are working on the keyboard.

Having too much pressure on the upper leg back is not recommended. Keep your feet on a footrest. If there is no footrest, keep an object where you can keep your feet.

Ensure that you sit in a manner that you don’t have to move to reach out to the mouse and keyboard.

You need to keep your computer monitor so that you don’t have to struggle hard while working. Keep the screen so that the top of the screen is set slightly below your eye level.

What are the things that you need to do or not to do in the office?

Though there are many exercise machines available to get rid of back pain, such as SpineGym, you can get so much relief when you make your sitting posture right.

Here is a list of things you need to do and not to do when sitting in your office chair.


  • The first thing that you need to do is sit straight in the chair so that your screen is at a good eye level.
  • If you are working on a document, you need to ensure that you raise it at your eye level. Don’t try to twist or bend it while reading it.
  • If you are writing something, use a writing slope available for writing.
  • If you use a telephone or mobile, use headphones.
  • Don’t sit in a chair for more than 45 minutes. Every 45 minutes, stand up from the chair, move around and do some stretching.


  • Don’t lean forward while working on a computer. It will make your back hurt.
  • Stand up if you want to pick up a file or a mobile phone. Don’t stretch your back to do it.
  • Keep frequently-used items close to your chair, such as mobile phone, notebook, pen, etc.; if these items are away, lift from your position and get them.


You know how to adjust your office or home chair, but what about your driving chair? You also need to make some adjustments there. On the contrary, your leg movements play a big role when it comes to driving. So you need to ensure that you are comfortable while driving while safeguarding your back.

  • Take the support of your chair’s back part for your back.
  • Use adjustable lumbar support for neck support. You can use a cushion, roll, or towel to support your neck if you don’t have it.
  • You need to adjust your driving seat so that your arms stand straight while you are sitting comfortably with the back support.


Taking care of your back pain is crucial. If left untreated, it might lead to other injuries. You need to ensure that you perform different exercises with thecore exercise machine to strengthen your core muscles. Also, these sitting guidelines will help you to get rid of chronic back pain. Follow them, and you will have a good time.