Annotate and Markup PDFs for Group Review

Reviewing a portable document file (PDF) with several team members? Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails, gathering and aggregating input from your team. Among apps for annotating PDFs, Lumin brings intuitive and collaborative PDF editing and markup capabilities that allow you to seamlessly annotate, suggest edits, and share documents with your team using the best PDF annotation app.

Because everything is done in the cloud, there is no need to download or install any other annotation apps or worry about hitting the save button. Every change you make to the file is saved so your progress is never lost. You and your team can now examine PDF files as they are prepared, converse with team members directly from the script through comments and tags, leave sticky memos, suggest content edits or deletions, append characters, shapes, signatures and so much more.

Furthermore, the Lumin app is not only beneficial for working in teams but also if you are an individual on the hunt for apps to take notes on pdf. Are you a student preparing for an exam and going through a textbook? Lumin allows you to annotate PDF with sticky memos to capture and focus on important points from each paragraph.

Highlight, Strikeout, or Underline Text Online

Looking for apps for highlighting PDFs? Perhaps you are jotting from a document or editing one and wish to highlight key discussion points, strikethrough phrases that need to be removed, or underline important words and phrases? With the best pdf note taking app, you can achieve any of these with the following easy steps:

  1. From the sub-menu, select the Highlight Tool. If you wish to use the Strikeout and Underline tools, first select Text Tools from the sub-menu then select Strikeout or Underline.
  2. Pick a color for your preferred markup and adjust the opacity to your liking.
  3. Now go to the words you wish to mark up and click-and-hold your mouse button and drag over all the portions of content you wish to mark up.
  4. When you are done marking up your text, hit the Escape (Esc) button on your keyboard to release the mark-up tool.

Pro Tips:

Alternatively, you can first select the piece of content you wish to highlight, strike out, or underline first using the Select Tool. From the dialog box that pops up, select your preferred option between Highlight, strikeout, and Underline. A pop-up menu appears above the word/phrase which allows you to create a memo on the marked-up text. You can also change the color and opacity of the markup using the Style option.

Replace Text Online

Even though the content contained in the file cannot be changed with mark-up tools in apps for writing on PDFs, you can use the Comment and Strikeout Tools in Lumin to show where changes should be made in the source document. The goal here is collaboration, which means viewers can suggest edits while annotating PDF, and the editor can make commit changes to the source file. To suggest content edits, the following steps can be employed:

  1. Select Text Tools from the sub-menu, and select Strikeout. You will be prompted to select the color and opacity of your strikeout line. 
  2. Navigate to the content you wish to replace and click-and-drag the mouse over the entire word, phrase or sentence to be replaced. This will strike out the text.
  3. Select the struck-out content and in the pop-up that opens, select Notes. A memo will be created where you can now type into the memo, the alternative content you wish to replace the struck-out text with.

Delete Text Online

Maybe you do not wish to replace the content but rather suggest deleting it altogether. The process is almost similar to replacing the text, but you will not be affixing a memo with the replacement content.

  1. Select Text Tools from the sub-menu, and select Strikeout. You will be prompted to select the color and opacity of your strikeout line.
  2. Navigate to the content you wish to have erased and click-and-drag the mouse over the entire content to be erased. This will strike out the text, letting the editor know that this part of the document needs to be removed from the source document.

Add a Sticky Note Online

Sticky notes or memos are the best way to annotate PDF because you can make them as descriptive as you want for other viewers. Unlike remarks that are added directly to phrases and sentences, sticky notes are affixed anywhere within the file, not necessarily to a piece of text, allowing you to use Lumin as a PDF note taking app. They can be affixed to blank spaces and are great when you want to take notes on PDF. For example, you are a student studying online. You may want to write in your own words your understanding of a certain concept and for that, you need a PDF note taker. To create a sticky memo within the book:

  1. Select the Comment Tool from the sub-menu.
  2. Click anywhere within the file where you want to jot some notes.
  3. A pop-up will appear where you can type into your sticky memo. Hit the Comment button when you are done writing content on the sticky memo.
  4. To change the color of the sticky note, select the sticky memo. In the memo that pops up, select the options icon (three dots at the top right corner of the memo) and choose to Change Color. The color of the sticky memo will change when you pick the color of your choice.

Edit a Sticky Note Comment Online

Perhaps you have changed your mind about an idea you typed into a sticky note earlier, editing your sticky note is not at all complicated with the best annotation app and can be done as follows.

  1. Choose the Sticky Note Icon you wish to edit from the script.
  2. In the pop-up that opens, click the options icon (three dots) and select Edit.
  3. Type in the new or additional words and hit the Save button.

You and other viewers on the document can also leave remarks on sticky notes. These remarks can be edited in the same way as the sticky note itself.

Delete a Sticky Note Online

Once a sticky note has served its purpose it can be removed to reduce clutter around the document. You can easily erase sticky notes you do not need anymore by following the three steps below.

  1. Choose the Sticky Note Icon you wish to edit from the script.
  2. In the pop-up that opens, click the options icon (three dots) and select Delete.
  3. You will be prompted to confirm whether you intend to erase the thread. Hit the Delete button to confirm and remove the sticky note.

Add a Text Box Online

The Free Text Tool enables you to use Lumin as your writing on PDF app. This feature is useful when you are filling in forms and appending page numbers and other footer content to a script. It allows you to create a textbox anywhere within the document, not just within blank form fields.

  1. From the sub-menu select the Free Text tool to select it.
  2. Move the cursor to the part of the file where you want to append new content.
  3. Click-and-drag to create a textbox in the area you wish to affix the content.
  4. Enter your content into the newly created textbox and when done, hit the left mouse button anywhere in the script outside the textbox to commit the changes.
  5. Select the newly created textbox to edit the attributes of the content such as font, size, color, weight, italics, underline, and to append a frame or background to the textbox. You can also change the opacity, thickness, and color of the textbox frame/background.