Main character: Super Mario

Super Mario is the name of a series of games developed by Nintendo. The series is also called Super Mario Bros emulator, which is an acronym for Super Mario Brothers. The Super Mario series began in 1985 with the first release of the game. Mario Brothers was a huge success. But the game itself was already on the shoulders of its predecessor – the Mario Brothers.

Super Mario

The games share a common character named Mario, who went on to become the mascot of the Mario series and has appeared in a vast number of clone games over the years. Shigeru Miyamoto, a video game creator, was responsible for the creation of Mario. Mario’s first ambition was to master the game Donkey Kong, and the game’s release in 1981 marked the beginning of Mario’s professional career. Mario continued to star in the Mario Brothers when he landed the lead role. From that moment on, Mario became the protagonist of the Super Mario series. Since then, Mario has appeared in many different Nintendo games, some of which are dedicated to the character of Mario and others to other characters of Mario.

Mario was originally created for Doni Kong

Although Mario was created for Donkey Kong, he has become famous all over the world and is usually associated with the Mario series.

These old Mario games were very popular then and are still very popular today. Many players are still looking for online Mario games because the characters are so engaging and the game is so addicting. Most of these games allow Big Brothers Mario to play online for free if you know where to look. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should – it’s amazing how addicting these old Mario games are, even with simple graphics, compared to similar games released recently.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how the Mario series came to be and how it has evolved over time. We cover everything from the original Mario Bros. to the latest creations including New Mario Bros. U Deluxe and Super Mario Maker 2 released in 2019.

Brothers Mario

Mario Bros. is the original Nintendo version released in 1983. Secondly, the game itself was very simple, there was nothing to shout about in the graphics. The prequel was pretty straightforward too – Mario was an Italian-American plumber who traveled through the sewers with his brother Luigi and beat up bad guys. It was released in arcade format, as well as a console version for the then popular Nintendo – the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for short.

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

In 1986, the film Super Mario Brothers was released. Lost levels. It was a game very similar to the original. The idea was the same – Mario and Luigi had to rescue Princess Bowser, an evil character in both games. The big difference in this game was the difficulty – it was much harder to play than the original. It has 32 difficulty levels, and on each of them there are many more tasks to be solved. For example, in The Lost Levels you will find bad prizes in some of the prize fields, as well as warp pipes that will make you move backward rather than forward in the game. This is why you have to choose carefully whether you want to receive prizes and be careful if you decide to join the chains.

Super Mario Brothers. 2

Super Mario Bros. 2 was released for North America in 1988 and for Europe in 1999. Although Super Mario 2 is still in 2D, it was really different from the original Super Mario game. There were many new enemies to fight and many new prizes and other things to collect. There are also many new features, such as the ability to pick up and throw different objects. The game had 20 different levels scattered across 7 worlds. To progress in the game, you had to successfully complete the levels one by one. When you play the game, you start out with 3 lives, which you lose one after the other if you are killed by an enemy or if you fall from the edge of the world. There are several ways to take away extra life, for example, by collecting hidden disposable mushrooms. When you lose your entire life, the game stops and forces you to start over.

Super Mario Brothers. 3

Super Mario Bros. came out around the same time. 3 – 1998 for Japan and 1990 for North America. The concept of Super Mario 3 hasn’t changed much from previous games, although there are new characters and additional playable options.

One of the main features of Super Mario 3 was that Mario can now fly – with at least some additional bonuses. It really added a new element to the game and made it more addictive than ever. The game itself has been divided into 8 worlds, each containing different levels to be played one after the other.

Super Mario All Stars

In 1993, Nintendo released Mario All-Stars, a compilation of several other platformers. This compilation was specially released for the SNES and included re-releases of Super Mario Bros. the lost levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3.

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Super Mario 64

The release of Super Mario 64 in 1996 was a turning point for Nintendo. Super Mario 64 was the first Mario game to be created in 3D. Hooray, no more 2D Mario games. This 3D version of the hit game was released for the Nintendo 64, a 3D system that was much more powerful than the previous one and promised stunning new graphics from the outset. In Super Mario 64, the player’s goal is to collect the legendary stars that appear after completing tasks. The Power Stars collection will open up jobs and new playing fields. Since the game was in 3D, and thanks to the new analog pen control, it was possible to move Mario in all directions and with much greater precision than in previous 2D versions of Super Mario. There are 105 stars of power in the castle, 15 of which are hidden. 

The bonuses in the game are different from the previous ones, now there are three different hats with temporary power: a Wing that allows Mario to fly, a Metal cap that turns him into metal, and a Disappeared cap that allows him to fly. overcome obstacles.

2019: Super Mario moves forward

In 2019 Nintendo has released several new games for the Super Mario series.