Discussion Post – How to Create Original Posts

The current situation with distant education has brought new challenges for students. First of all, virtual classes bring a new approach to education in general. Furthermore, they do not allow students to interact properly. During traditional classes, students can discuss any matter they like with their classmates. It has been observed that with online education, students are more likely to use assignment writing help and are more closed off external communication with other people. Nevertheless, the educational facilities should pay attention to online discussion classes.

The ability to discuss a topic is as important as critical thinking or writing skills. It helps students to analyze lots of important issues. Besides, it allows them to come up with their findings and decisions. There are even more benefits of discussion classes eventually. Students surely need them to improve their communication skills, thinking, and analytical abilities. With modern online tools, it is possible to arrange decent virtual discussion classes. In such a case, students can get a place where to talk over things by using discussion boards.

The discussion board is the exact online platform that can be used by students for communication quite effectively. They can post their discussion posts, respond to other student’s posts, etc. If properly arranged, the board can be a great place for education. Surely, students need to think about grades. When the discussion posts are parts of an education program, they must be prepared properly. Thus, you need to learn from the very start how to post discussion posts and how to respond to other students’ messages.

Discussion Post – Definition and How to Create

A discussion post is a part of the education program in numerous classes. Students write short posts that engage more students to respond. You often post them on online discussion boards. There, other students can read them and reply to them timely. Once dealing with discussions, you should be well-aware of creating an original post and responding to other students’ posts. It is good if you can find information on what to include in your post in advance.

You must be sure that you are doing the right thing with your posts and responses. The online board’s etiquette is also obligatory to learn in advance. You cannot simply reply to other people’s posts using casual language. It should not be some kind of scientific paper as well. Still, you must be more inclined to prepare a solid, almost official answer. That means you must assure a flawless and logical reply before pressing a “send” button.

Top Tips for Students at Online Discussion Boards

Before you take part in an online discussion, you should know the following core concepts for using the online discussion boards.

  • The discussion boards are special platforms that allow students to talk about various matters.
  • The online boards are managed by special instructors.
  • There is a protocol and etiquette on online platforms.
  • Students get a great chance to learn the new material better once discussing its core concepts.
  • Students at online boards improve their communication and analytical skills.
  • Only students and instructors have access to the boards.
  • Students’ posts should not be too casual on the discussion platforms.
  • Students cannot attack other peers when discussing a topic and revealing personal points of view.
  • Everyone should be respectful when discussing online boards.

Discussion Board Etiquette and Guides for Students

Even in traditional classes, students have a certain etiquette to follow. Thus, they follow lots of written and unwritten rules in the classroom. The virtual classroom and online boards also encourage students to act respectfully. Besides, casual language is not very popular on online platforms. Using very official and fully scientific language will earn no good as well. Still, when engaging in discussions, students must be respectful to their opponents. They should also use clear and concise language.

There is no need to write huge posts. You need to write as much information as needed to prove your point. You should learn in advance how to create an original post. Moreover, you must learn how to reply to other students’ posts properly. You should also always behave appropriately. Learn the guides on how to create a post successfully beforehand. It will help to assure the best grades eventually.

Useful Tips When Posting

There are some useful tips and guides you can use when posting at online boards provided below.

Become Acquainted with Other Students

You need to get to know other classmates. It is good to place the first post as a short introduction. You need to introduce yourself to the community. In the case of virtual classes, you must introduce yourself to your peers. You can also use your personal background and experience when replying to other student’s posts, especially when it is relevant to the topic.

Use Simple Formatting

When you need to format your post, it is better to keep it simple. There is no need to add some annoying fronts or experiment with designs. You should avoid every formatting element that makes the reading too difficult. The readers must be able to read your posts fast and engage in a good discussion.

Be Clear and Concise

You should be clear with the information you provide. Your writing must be as flawless as possible. Thus, keep a habit of checking your grammar before posting. Be clever to avoid slang, acronyms, unnecessary information in your posts, etc. You should edit and proofread your posts before placing them on the online board.

Avoid Jokes and Too Casual Talks

The discussion posts are still a part of your education program. You cannot use them as your typical social nets. Thus, when talking on the Internet, you cannot use casual language and various jokes. On online boards, you should avoid any sarcastic responses, jokes, or offending sayings. You should always be respectful.

Be Serious About Your Posts

Every discussion post must be taken seriously. You must prepare the posts once following your tutor’s instructions. You should pay attention to the length of the post, the topic, rubrics, etc. Be serious when writing and posting on online boards. Your response must be relevant and interesting for readers. It must show your decent knowledge and communication skills.

Useful Tips When Responding

There are also handy tips to use when responding to your classmates’ posts provided below.

Be Respectful When Disagree

You must learn to be respectful all the time. It is good when you remain polite and supportive. Besides, when you discuss some hot topics, you can become way too emotional. In such a situation, you should remember to stay respectful. You can disagree with your peers as much as you see it necessary. Still, make it sound respectful. Do not use any sarcastic phrases or offensive talking. Use facts, statistics, personal findings, research, or survey results to prove your point of view. You must manage to support your point of view with relevant evidence. It is never offensive talking or attaching an opponent verbally to focus on.

Always Remain Polite

Online discussions reveal students’ communication and research skills. Moreover, they show how the person can act within a small group. Social acceptance is also an important notion. When you discuss a topic, try to always remain polite. Besides, be specific with your facts and remain quite descriptive. There is no need to disrespect other students’ points of view. You should never forget your good manners. It is good when you can complement your opponent. Remember, you do not have real enemies in the classroom. You simply have people with points of view that differ from yours. Besides, it’s very beneficial for every student to learn various points of view on the same situation or issue.

Remain Practical and Wise

There is no need to write any response just to reply to other student’s posts. You must always be wise to respond to the information you know something about. Besides, you should be very specific and descriptive. You should not use any unnecessary phrases and vague compliments. It is good when your reply is clear and concise. Use the facts to support your point of view. Provide your unique seeing of the situation. The discussion of different perspectives brings lots of useful information for students.

Always Provide Evidence

You cannot simply state your point of view and call it the only right one. Once you reveal your opinion, you must support it with strong and relevant evidence. All your statements must be back up with decent evidence. You can use various facts, research results, findings, surveys, etc., to prove your point of view. Make sure to provide the original sources of the facts you use in your response. You should cite every fast properly. It is better if you can post links to the information you cite in your reply.

First Respond to Instructor’s Prompts

When you discuss a certain topic within your virtual class, you should always respond to the prompts first. Thus, you reply to your instructor’s original prompt. After, you can engage in discussion with your peers. This is the most appropriate way to act on the online discussion board.

Basic Discussion Board’s Pitfalls and Ways to Avoid Them

Students who have used traditional classes can have problems with online courses. Thus, you must learn possible pitfalls beforehand. It will help to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the future. Moreover, it will allow you to feel more confident during virtual classes and discussions on online boards. Check the following possible mistakes to avoid them in your online classes.

Losing Link with Writing Prompts

Many students do not tend to check the writing prompts thoroughly from the very beginning. There can be numerous points that require students’ attention. Eventually, students can respond to only a single one. Thus, it becomes a huge mistake since students do not respond to the original post properly. The lack of interest in checking an original prompt can cause a lot of problems for students. If the response is not relevant to a discussion, it can get a bad grade. The rushed responses bring no good for writers as well. Every student must pay some effort to present an interesting and useful response.

Getting Way to Personal

You can have some personal experience connected to the discussed topic. Still, you should remain neutral in your writings. There is no need to get way too personal. This is not a social media page where you can share your feelings with readers. You should be more objective with your sayings. Moreover, you must prove your point of view with solid evidence. It means you must provide solid facts and findings. Your emotions cannot back up your statements and replies. You should not discuss your personal life in detail. Keep to the topic and reveal only relevant information.

Making Posts Way Too Lengthy

The instructors on the online board often instruct the students how long the posts should be. In most cases, you need to write a post as long as necessary to make your point. There is no need to make posts too long. An abundance of not useful information does not make your post valuable. On the contrary, it destroys its efficiency. You must state your claim, provide strong evidence and any important background information. You should not get into details. The clear and concise posts are the most effective ones. Also, you should never forget to remain polite, respectful, and supportive.

A Habit to Procrastinate

If you want to succeed, there is no place for procrastination in your life. Forget to wait until the last moment to create your post. You should also be attentive when getting into a discussion. If you have something important to say, do it fast. Surely, you should be very attentive to your writing first. Respond timely, but do not be too rushed.

Paying No Decent Attention

You should be very attentive to your posts. Thus, you must assure flawless writing. There is no way you can post texts with any mistakes. You must always provide a logical and flawless response. It can take time to prepare a decent reply. Make sure you do not respond to already answered issues. Thus, be attentive to the original prompts, other students’ posts, and replies. Check the entire information on a topic before placing your reply.

Final words

When you need to create an original discussion post, you must use your knowledge and writing skills. This is the only way to assure logical and relevant information to be posted. You must be very attentive to the original prompts provided by instructors. Check the original post first to respond to it properly. Pay attention to the information revealed in the post. Do not write down the same information provided by other students. Remain polite, supportive, and respectful once discussing topics online. Never attack your opponent to prove your point of view.

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