A Few Golf Cart Parts That Often Breaks and Needs Replacement

If you want to maintain the environment and are interested to save on fuel cost, then an electric golf cart can be your solution to meet your golf cart needs. Usually, they will be producing less noise as compared to ATV or gasoline-powered golf carts.

Golf carts are almost like cars so far as their maintenance is concerned. They also tend to break over time and there are a few carts & parts that need a regular replacement. Let us try to know about those frequently replaced parts in this post.

  1. Golf cart batteries

Whatever be the type of golf cart you may buy, you will need to replace its battery after a few years of use.

  1. Golf cart battery cables

These battery cables can become corroded and dirty and hence it may get ineffective in the end and hence may need replacement after a few years.

  1. Golf cart battery charger

It is usually a good idea to replace your battery charger after a given length of time, but it is especially important if you are looking for any new golf cart in the market.

  1. Golf cart bodies

Whether your body of golf cart is worn out from use, somebody crashed it, or you just don’t like the scratches, golf cart bodies are frequently replaced.

  1. Golf cart brakes

As the safety of your driver is so important while operating a golf cart, hence like any other moving vehicle even your golf cart brakes also need care and replacement regularly.

  1. Golf cart clutch

Clutches are one part that will be in motion whenever the golf cart will run and can wear out after some time and hence needs replacement.

  1. Golf cart controller

Golf Cart Controllers are a popular part to replace or upgrade for your power of golf cart due to either age or malfunction.

  1. Golf cart covers

You may need to replace the cover of your golf cart as it will regularly protect your card from the following:

  • Dust
  • Excessive Sunlight
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Wind
  1. Golf cart LED lights

LED lights are generally provided in the modern versions of golf carts and LED can also get defective after some time and then it also needs replacement.

  1. Golf cart motor

Electric golf cart motors can last 20 to 30 years if properly maintained, but many people do not. As a result, they may break down.

  1. Golf cart solenoid

Golf carts solenoids are so designed that they work for as long as the accelerator or driving pedal is engaged. Solenoids are prone to failure because of their frequent use.

  1. Golf cart steering wheels

Both steering wheels and other steering components are also very commonly replaceable parts of your golf cart. In addition, quite often you may have to swap.

  1. Golf cart windshields

Windshields on golf carts, particularly those operated off-road or in/on, more rocky or steep terrain can crack for a variety of causes.

If you are aware of this, then during the golf cart sales, you can negotiate with the company and include most of them as your free/complimentary spare parts along with the cart.