How Advanced Essay Writing Skills Increase Your Job Chances?

The US has several job opportunities for individuals however there is a lot of competition. Only the best-skilled individuals are selected to work for the best job positions. However, some skills always help individuals to secure a good job like communication. Communication is one of the most essential skills in a corporate setup. It improves relations with your colleagues and makes it easier to put your point across in front of your seniors.

One of the channels for effective communication is writing. Writing skills are very important for someone in a professional setup. From creating a resume to writing a yearly sales report, writing skills are extremely necessary. Here is how effective writing skills can improve your chances of getting a job.

Helps you express your professional goals

Cover letters are very important during a job search. A cover letter describes your current job position, your soft skills, academic qualifications, and your future career prospects. It is brief, simple, and plays a major role in your employer deciding whether to offer you the job. It is a basic professional representation of yourself. For writing a cover letter good writing skills are extremely important. It helps you create an image of yourself in front of other people without meeting them in person.

Similarly is a resume. If your resume is well-written you have a better chance of getting a job. So, it is a great way to express yourself which is impressive for an employer. On the contrary, some mistakes in your resume can greatly reduce your chances of getting a job. There is a common misconception that using fancy vocabulary in a resume increases your chances of getting hired, however, it is not true. A well-written resume with a simple vocabulary is more impressive.

Creates a perception of an individual

Employers with good writing skills seem to make progress faster than those who don’t. Many employers are looking for individuals who have worked on writing projects like branding and digital marketing because they will be good at writing emails and reports. When the demand for such individuals increases, the perception of the industry towards writers also increases for the better. So, the opportunities for writers are increasing and may get even better in the future.

It may also make you more noticeable in your job and to your seniors. This is because writing is an insight into an individual’s personality. It is an appealing quality that many employers look for.

An alternative way to communicate with your colleagues

When you work in a corporate environment everybody in your team needs to be on the same page. For that, you need to ensure that there is effective communication among your colleagues. Some people may be very good at verbal communication however, some may find it challenging. For such individuals writing may be an alternative medium to communicate with their colleagues.

With good writing skills, you also develop critical thinking and research skills. These two skills are essential in many processes that are a part of the industry especially when it comes to maintaining a smooth workflow. Many employers look for these qualities when they want to hire professionals for a leadership role. However, if you are still struggling with improving your writing skills you can look up some essay free examples on authentic websites on the internet. These examples will not only get your work done but also help you learn different ways of expressing yourself in writing.


Writing skills are a great tool for moving forward in your professional journey. They are an admirable quality that employers look out for. They inculcate in an individual critical thinking, logical reasoning, and in some cases punctuality in meeting deadlines.

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