15 Indoor Games to Keep Kids Engaged

There are days when kids need to be indoors. Yes, they can be indoor but should they be idle? Many parents don’t love when they do not know how to keep their kids engaged. Well, we have a collection of 15 indoor games to keep your little ones engaged. Kids will love and enjoy these games as they are carefully selected to enable them to have fun and learn. This can also serve as parent/child bonding games and activities.  


1. Pen and pencil games

This game requires some simple items such as pen, pencil, eraser, and plain sheet of paper.  

This is a game that can be played by kids of all ages. They can create a 6×6 square of dots on the plain sheet of paper. The dots can be joined together with a line and only two dogs can be joined at a time.  Any kid that completes the box puts his/her initial in it. If it is a competitive game, the person that has the highest number of boxes wins the game.  The variation includes;

The Tic Tac Toe which is played on a 3×3 grid square using pencil and paper. The first player writes an ‘X’ in one of the grids and the second player writes an ‘O’. The person who gets  three Xs or Os in a line, that is, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal wins the game. 

Pictionary, which is also similar to charades, uses pen and paper  to express words or phrases that are drawn instead of being acted or spoken. 

2. Obstacle course

This is an Indoor game that needs a large space. The game involves the use of items such as hula hoops, chairs, Exercise balls, blankets and any other items that can help you to make the game fun.

In this game, an obstacle course is created with rules to act as guide during the game. The use of the rules helps a player to know what to do and how to maneuver around the space. It could be for the kids to crawl under the chair, use the hula hoop a number of times before moving to the next course etc. The kid is awarded when he/she successfully completes the obstacles. 

3. Puzzles

This is a great way to help kids learn and have fun while indoors. All that is needed is books, puzzle games and ideas as they play the game in order to make it more interesting. 

In these indoor games, a picture puzzle book can be given to the kids to keep him/her engaged for a very long time. Another option is a word puzzle that can aid kids’ vocabulary and spelling skills. There are also 3D puzzle toys for younger kids. Therefore, puzzle books or games should be stocked up in the house in order to keep them engaged indoors when necessary. 

4. Card games

This is one of the most popular games among kids of all ages. Kids love to play the card games freecell as it keeps them engaged for a long period of time. 

There are card games that aid a kid’s logical reasoning, color recognition skills, number identification or recognition as well as arrangement abilities.  

In the card games, there is a need for a deck of cards. The games that kids can play include; spoons that can be played by three or more players, garbage or trash for two players, GoFish for preschoolers and young kids, crazy eights, pounce for two players and other card games for kids. The cards that can be used are, Old Maid, Blink and even Uno

5.Build a fort

Kids don’t need to be construction workers to play this game indoors. They do not need cements, boulders, bricks etc to build the fort.  They can gather items such as pillows, blankets, cardboard boxes, sticks, tables or chairs to build the desired fort. 

The cardboard forts are easier for kids of all ages. They can gather large boxes and use a tape to join them. If the fort is large enough, kids can sit or sleep there. The pillow forts are soft and fun to make when there are a lot of pillows, stacks of blankets and pillows as well as some furniture to hold the fort together.

A fort can also be made with the combination of pillows, blankets and cardboard boxes altogether. 

6. Dominoes

When kids are indoors all day, they can stack up the dominoes and watch them fall one by one. 

Kids can stack up the dominoes using any pattern known to them. They can arrange and design the way they like. It may take some hours depending on the number of dominoes available to be used in this game. 

In this game, the most interesting aspect to kids is when they come up with diverse patterns and try to see which takes the longest to fall.

7. Read books and tell the story

This is a game that is more interesting when played by a  team. Reading books under the warm sheet espe6 during a snowy or rainy day is a great way to spend time indoors. 

In this game, kids can come together and pick a book each with a  designated time to read during the day as they stay indoors. They can take turns telling the story in the book. This is a game that can help improve children’s reading skills and attention span because nothing beats a good book. It brings joy, pleasure and fun.

8. Listening game

This is an educational and fun game for kids because it exercises their listening skills as it pulls  them to concentrate on the activity engaged in at the moment. 

Kids can collect items such as  clocks, books, pens, remote, bottles, toys, cups because of their distinct sounds. The items are placed on a table and kids can observe and make a mental note of all the items on the table. 

Each  item can be taken from the table as the kid turns the other side or closes his/her eyes. The kid has to identify the item when a sound is made. The kid scores a point after identifying the item correctly. A blind fold may be used to make kids not to peep or have their eyes half closed. 

9. Treasure Hunt

In this game, a treasure map or a list of instructions can be used to find the hidden treasures.  A coin or a treat can be hidden indoors with clues on where the kids have to look to locate the treasure. The clue can be written in a riddle to make the game tricky.

This game enables kids to make use of their cognitive skills to search out the treasure that has been hidden. A reward is gotten after locating the hidden treasure.

10. Alphabet Game

This is an indoor game for younger kids. The game can be played by two players. The first player can begin with an exercise saying, I went to the supermarket and bought a…”. The player can select an object beginning with any alphabet or letters. Each player takes turns to play the game and add a word using the alphabet selected. Rules can be added to the game. 

The game helps to improve kids’ memory and language skills. It can aid them to  produce plenty of funny moments as kids  try to remember each object that has been chosen. 

11. Dictionary Deception

In this game, words that kids haven’t come across can be selected and asked to write down their meaning. This game helps kids to expand their vocabulary and improve their spelling ability. The answers given by kids to all the selected words can be collected and read out.  Corrections can be made using the dictionary to find the meaning of the words and other related information. 

12. Riddles

It is good to test kids’ thinking ability. This is a thought- provoking game that can be used to initiate and encourage kids to think outside the box.  For example; what makes people cry while using it- Onions,  what is fragile and it is broken when you say it’s name- Silence and so many more. 

13. Role-Play

 This is a game that helps kids to work on their acting capabilities. It is more interesting when it involves a lot of kids who can act out a scenario. Kids can act out scenes such as; going to the shopping center, how to choose a career, having a conversation with the president, a car accident, arresting a criminal and so on. 

Kids can be any character they want to be. They can have a short script to perform with. After rehearsals, they can act out the role perfectly.

14. Lego

With the  Lego game , kids can build new worlds while indoors which could be a sprawling cityscape, a towering skyscraper or pastoral paradise. Lego provides the needed materials to help bring their imaginations and creativity into reality.

From Lego, the kids can build a particular structure, scene, and use their creativity. They can create their own design even without following the instructions. This can keep kids gripped for a long time. It is a cool and fantastic way to develop creative skills.

15. Coloring, Arts and Crafts

Coloring, art and craft is a great way to keep kids engaged for a long time. Kids need  scrap papers,  crayons, scissors, and glue to create unique designs. There can be the addition of stickers, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and other types of  items to bring in new creativity.

Moreso, kids can make use of  worksheet copies that are left over to create arts and crafts.  Coloring books can keep them engaged as they color images while indoors. This keeps them entertained for a long time.