Xero Project Management Tool

It’s 2022, and efficiency is the difference between success and failure for small businesses, especially regarding tech stack. Very few super-robust tools offer error-free integrations and can save time, and in business, being error-free and saving time means saving money.

Xero project management tool is that tool you are looking for. It is powerful enough to be integrated into your business and change the way you work forever. So, why should you integrate the Xero management tool from PSOhub? Let’s have a look.

Why should I integrate Xero with PSOhub?

You work day and night to keep track of your projects and ensure they are done on time and correctly, but you are human. Why not let a Xero project management tool lend a hand? Here are three reasons you should integrate Xero with PSOhub:

  • You’resaving money.

Money spent on hiring extra hands or nights when you could be doing something else instead of task management. PSOhub takes that burden off of you. This is the efficiency thing we were talking about. You get to spend more time doing what you love – running a business – rather than worrying about money.

  • You’llbill smarter.

We both know that sometimes you undercharge or overcharge. You are only human, and that’s fine, but that isn’t good for business. Billing smarter with Xero puts your financial decisions right in front of you. You know where the money is going as you handle a project—no more unpaid invoices. PSOhub will automatically trigger a warning and tap Xero on the shoulder, knowing this information. For project managers and owners like you, that means everything is covered.

  • You make all the checks and balances.

PSOhub and Xero work together to let you know your contracts, track your timing, and even let you know your budgets for each project. That way, every step of the process is covered, and you know exactly where your money is going.

SalesforceProject Management 

The Salesforce project management tool is a powerful, widely used CRM tool that organizations all around the world adore – and we’re guessing yours does, too! CRM is used by even big-name companies to accomplish their sales.

The system is useful for producing teams with a single buyer’s perspective. What happens, though, when it’s time to transform those Salesforce transactions into projects?

What is PSA software?

A Professional Services Automation Software is exactly what the name says it is, automation software. It is built for optimization and managing a wide range of projects at the same time. CRMs might take gold when it comes to customer relationships, but in project management, PSAs shine.

The PSA software is designed to put the vital information needed for administrative tasks in a streamlined manner, getting you from deal win to project delivery while keeping things as easy, straightforward, and centralized as possible.

So, think of PSA software as the one tool you will need that should do all your tasks easily and effectively. The right PSA software should be an all-in-one solution rather than a stack of different unintegrated software products. This is not only inefficient and time-consuming, but it also means you will be spending more money. Let’s take a closer look at why you should integrate PSA software.

PSOhub and Salesforce

PSOhub enables companies to go past just selling but also enables them to:

  • Generate automatic projects. 

Close a deal with Salesforce, then watch as PSOhub automatically generates a contract for you.

  • Assignratesto different roles

In situations where you have a team member that plays a double role, you can track how long they spend on each role and pay them according to those rates.

  • Automation

Need I say more? With PSOhub you can automate the whole client lifecycle even before beginning the project. This is because PSOhub also integrates with some of the world’s most potent CRMs and will keep an eye on your sales and project teams. And since PSOhub integrates with Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and others, you can monitor the finances and your project simultaneously.

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