Common Challenges Any New Mom Will Face

There Will Be Issues

The best mother in the world will have her good days, and she will have her bad days. It’s the same for dads. Parenthood is core to humanity. Humanity is a roller coaster ride. You’ll find human beings who are the best individuals you’ve ever met. You’ll also find some of the worst creatures in the world are human.

Because parenthood is core to humanity itself, there’s no way to avoid the emotional highs and lows. You’ll see some of the most beautiful things, have some of the happiest moments of your life, and then the following week something will happen that’s downright traumatizing. That’s life. You remember being a youngster, and what your parents went through.

So being a mom is something to be desired, but it isn’t always going to be easy. However, if you’re smart enough to plan in advance, you can at least be prepared for common situations you’ll have to deal with. Here are a few things you’ll want to think about.

1. Emotional, Physical, and Social Changes

Your very definition of “self” is about to change. No longer will you be the girl who can hold her liquor at the bar, no longer will you be that sprightly snowboarder who can do a backflip off a jump on the black diamond run. Sure, you may still be able to do these things, but A., you won’t want to; and B., you’ll always be aware that you shouldn’t for the sake of your child.

Your body will change during pregnancy, your position in your local community will shift, and there will be some emotional fallout for these changes. Ultimately, they’re for the better; you’re becoming a more full person. But that doesn’t mean said changes feel good when you’re in the midst of them.

2. Breast Milk Production Challenges

If your attitude is right, you’ll still have issues like low breast milk supply on occasion. Changing your diet can help this issue, pumping your breasts whenever they express trains your body to produce milk when it’s necessary; and there are other remedies as well. Hopefully you don’t have to deal with breastfeeding challenges, but many mothers do.

3. Getting Restful Sleep

Your newborn doesn’t care about your job. Your newborn doesn’t care about your rest. Your newborn just made a diaper deposit at two in the morning, they’re rolling around in it, it doesn’t feel good, they can’t talk, and screaming is the only way to make mom or dad fix the issue. Accept that you and sleep won’t have a good relationship until the child is more mature.

It’s More Than Worth It

Physical challenges with nursing, lack of sleep, social changes, and emotional issues will impact you as a new mom. The good news is, you can overcome these challenges. When you do, you’ll be a stronger person, and you’ll find it was all more worthwhile than you could have imagined.