The easiest way to find EV charging stations: all you need to know

The electric vehicle market is no longer just for a niche market: more and more drivers are considering buying an electric vehicle instead of a gas-powered one in America. From compact cars to pick-ups and even SUVs, many brands are thinking of offering more environmentally-friendly models. In this context, there is nothing more reassuring for drivers of electric vehicles than knowing that they can find EV charging stations close to them whenever they need them.

EV charging stations

Nearly thirty new models of electric vehicles will go on sale in the United States this year, including ones from well-known luxury brands such as Cadillac. In addition to the number of models that will be available, it is good to take into account that electric cars have an increasing range, which makes them an excellent option for any driver. Plus, President Joe Biden has repeatedly remarked that he will invest substantially in the installation of more public charging stations so that all drivers will be able to find EV charging stations near their homes, or wherever they happen to be driving at the time.

Where to locate the nearest electric vehicle charger?

To fully enjoy the many benefits of choosing an electric vehicle over a fuel-powered one, the first thing you need to know is that finding EV charging stations nearby can be simple and fast.

For starters, here’s the good news: more and more EV charging stations are being built in different locations to meet the needs of all EV drivers. One example of this is the West Coast Electric Highway (WCEH), which has 56 charging stations between Oregon and Washington. This electric highway is currently expanding to offer not only more stations, but also a greater number of DC fast chargers. So, to find EV chargers in this area is going to be a piece of cake.

The easiest way to find EV charging stations: all you need to know 1

EVCS is the company offering the installation of these electric chargers. In conjunction with this initiative, they’ve created a mobile app that’s simple to use and allows users to locate the nearest EV charging station by simply searching by zip code, full address or city. If customers aren’t willing or able to use the app, the search engine can be accessed from their website.

In addition to EVCS, there are other companies such as PlugShare that offer maps to find a nearby charger and let you leave reviews and connect with other plug-in vehicle owners. Moreover, if you’re in California, you’re likely to come across EV chargers easily because it’s the state with the largest number of chargers in America.

Types of electric vehicle charging stations

If someone has been driving a gas-powered car for some time, it’s very likely that he or she understands the differences between the various fuels. Equally important is a basic understanding of how the different EV chargers on the market function.

The easiest way to find EV charging stations: all you need to know 2

There are 3 types of chargers and here is where you can find EV charging stations:

  • Level 1. This is the slowest and, frequently, all EVs come with one of these at the time of purchase. They use 120V and they can be connected to a standard outlet. Their power output is equivalent to 3-5 miles of EV range an hour; this means that a standard EV battery will take over 24 hours to get fully charged.
  • Level 2. They’re found in both residential areas and public EV charging stations. They operate at 240V and the power output is equal to 18 to 28 miles per hour. This means that an average EV battery will go to 100% in about 8 hours.
  • Level 3. Also known as DCFC, because they use direct current instead of alternating current. These are the fastest on the market with a maximum output of 350kW. These types of chargers can take a standard EV battery from 0 to 80% in an average of 30 minutes.

They are expensive and require a lot of space, so they’re only seen in public EV charging stations.

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