Gemstones Fashion Jewelry Trends Rocking the Charts

As the New Year begins, jewelry makers are looking to the future. With an appreciation for history and a desire for what’s next in fashion, designers are pushing the limits with gemstone-inspired pieces surrounding previous year’s popular trends. As these designers are creating new pieces that are expected to hit the market in just three short years, let’s look at what they have up their sleeves.

Bold and Vivid Look the Best 

Designers aim high with vivid colors and bold strokes for this year’s jewelry styles. Earrings will be big with gemstones that are larger than life, bold colors, and designs that say “look at me.” 

But they won’t be all over the face. Designers who like more demure pieces will also offer ‘statement laces’ that are a postmodern take on traditional pearls. These statement lace earrings will have a vintage feel with an artistic twist and gems for color and clarity. 

Fashion Forward: Two-Tone Jewelry

This year, two-tone metal and gems are in, but it will be both understated and bold depending on the piece. This trend will focus on contrasting metals through polished gold shapes with matte silver or bronze hues. Look for chromatic themes featuring purple, green, and deep red hues as far as stones go. 

Now is the Time for Minimalism

Designers are bigger on simplicity as we head into 2022. Due to a lot of focus on the individual and self-expression. Instead, they want smaller diamond pieces that don’t overwhelm their overall look or crowd out other accessories. Early 20th-century art nouveau is also being brought back with simple, classic cuts in diamonds and bold gemstones. 

Vessels of Beauty

As more consumers are drawn to organicness, vessels are taking center stage. Vessel necklaces are a look that is all about the vessel itself, which will focus on shapes that are fluid and round. They can be flat on the bottom and have a wide opening on the top or an elongated neck with a tight hole. The vessel doesn’t have to hold anything, but it is a must-have for this year’s fashionistas.

The Show Is All About You

Consumers want self-expression in 2022, and gemstones are the way to go. Personal style is all about making a statement through your accessories, so stick to what you like in terms of colors and cuts. Don’t be afraid to try new things, but make sure to highlight your style in the process. 

Crystals, Pearls, and Diamonds Expected to Be Everywhere

Several years ago, black was the only color of pearls that seemed to exist. That is until colorful pearls popped up everywhere you looked. Now that designers have played around with black and a few colors, they’re going back to traditional pearls for 2022. They will be necklaces and earrings universally flattering and suit every skin tone. 

Also, expect to see crystals in necklaces and bracelets with clear, white, or blue gems that have a lot of sparkles. Sticking to solitaires, small stones, or slightly larger shapes for diamonds.

The Bling is Back (But understated)

As consumers shy away from large, loud jewelry, you’ll see the return to big bling in subtle ways. More extensive settings with an organic feel will be famous for this year’s designs, including simple sapphire or ruby solitaires set in less traditional methods. 

The designers will also play with shape, so look for diamonds that are cut into triangles or squares, wrapped around each other, or shaped into ovals instead of round cuts.

Combine the Hues

For the last few seasons, jewelry designers have been experimenting with color. Lighter hues are being combined with bolder colors to create unique pieces of wearable art. 

This idea is that only the wearer will know what’s hidden under layers of stones and gold. By combining different hues, jewelers can achieve a sophisticated look that doesn’t overpower the wearer.

Skin Is in, Gold and Platinum Are Out

With many consumers having tattoos and piercings, designers are looking to work with these trends. For 2022, gold and platinum will be out, and skin tones will be celebrated with neutral gems like amethyst and jadeite. 

This means necklaces with braided leather cords, thin chains with pendants, and earrings that are interchangeable so women can create their style.

Bigger is Better

Although consumers want understated bling for 2022, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to give up larger shapes. Designers are still going to create bolder pieces to meet demand. This includes cocktail rings and long necklaces that can be worn with simple outfits to make a statement without taking away from the primary look. 

The More, The Merrier

Forget about buying one ring at a time and waiting for it to arrive in the mail; the trend is now toward multiple pieces of jewelry. Consumers want to wear different styles and colors every day, so designers are creating pieces that can be mixed and matched for various looks.

As with all trends, this is just the beginning. Gemstones vary in color, size, and shape, so take it upon yourself to get creative when playing around with jewelry designs. Also, remember to have fun with your look!

What do you think about these 2022 trends? Will you be rocking some vessels of beauty, or will you stick with bold and vivid colors? Adorn your wardrobe with gemstones that show the world who you are. 

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