7 Tips for an Adventure Vacation to Lombok

Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, has a charm that is no less stunning than other natural tourist destinations in Indonesia. Besides being suitable as an adventure tourist spot, exploring what to eat in Lombok also is certainly appetizing.

Adventures in nature are indeed loved by many people, but not all tourist attractions offer the right routes and spots. Lombok has a lot to offer and you should definitely go there for an adrenaline rush! But, make sure to prepare yourself as much as possible before going on an adventure trip in Lombok.

7 Tips for Adventure in Lombok

Do the following seven tips, before starting your trip to Lombok. Prepare yourself, starting from health conditions to the tourist destinations to be visited.

Health Check

Make sure to do a health check first, before leaving for Lombok. The Covid-19 vaccine must be completed, the immune system must be high, and carrying vitamins is a must to maintain sufficient stamina until the adventure time is over.

Moreover, at this time, Indonesia is still fighting Covid-19, so it is very important to continue to apply health protocols during the trip to the best tourist destinations in the country of a thousand mosques.

Bring a Complete Adventure Equipment

Decide in advance where your adventure is going to be, whether you want to explore the waterfall in Canyoning Lombok, hiking Mount Rinjani, Paragliding, try bed swing Bali and others.

Adjust the equipment brought to the intended location, even though in fact at these locations, ready-to-rent equipment has been provided. At least, for your convenience, you can bring your favorite tools to support exciting adventures.

Cash and ATM Card

Provide cash in your pocket, for unexpected conditions such as transactions in tourist areas that cannot be done with a debit or credit card.  

Sufficient Supplies for Travel

The main supplies that need to be prepared are mineral water, standard traveling medicine, and vitamins. As for snacks or light meals, you can also buy them in tourist areas. But for those of you who find it difficult to consume certain foods, supplies are needed so that the body remains energized.

Precise and Accurate Location Map

For those who come to the adventure location for the first time in Lombok, it is recommended to bring a map of the city of Lombok. Especially if you want to go on a backpacker-style adventure trip, without being accompanied by a special tour guide.

Best Transportation

To reach adventure locations there you can use public transportations. But, to be safer and more comfortable, you should rent a private vehicle such as a motorbike or car.

It will be more fun if you bring your own vehicle, to save on transportation expenses during this exciting holiday.

Comfortable Lodging for Rest

If indeed the goal is an adventure, then there is no harm in choosing a cheap one but still comfortable and clean because you will spend more of your time outside. Then you can rent an inn just for a short break.

Plan your adventure vacation to Lombok from now. An adrenaline-pumping tourist destination awaits, to be tested by a daredevil like you!

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