Trendy Curtain Fabrics That elevates your home’s beauty.

Curtains, if chosen properly, elevate the beauty and give you the exact privacy or sunlight you need in your home. To execute this well, you should know the different fabrics available in curtains so that you can drape according to your needs.

For instance, bedrooms should have privacy, so you need dark or silk curtains, and in the living room, sheer or lace curtains would be perfect as they allow the right amount of light.

And there are fabrics that are trendy and stylish and allow your home to look modern, stylish, and updated.

So, the following are a few curtain materials that we think are trendy and also elevate your home’s style:

  • Sheer

When you need the curtains to allow air, be versatile, and look beautiful, then sheer curtains are the best choice. They are very thin and transparent making them perfect to drape in living rooms where you want the maximum sunlight and also a bit of privacy.

There are a lot of colour options in the sheer fabric allowing you to style your home in a suitable shade. Also, as sheer curtains are thin, you can add them as a layer to the normal curtains to get a layered and unique look. When you need complete darkness, you have the normal curtains and when you need light, you can use sheer curtains. The layered look can serve a double purpose.

  • Outdoor

Curtains are not just for your inside home. They can also be draped outside your home also. If you have a balcony and want to cover the extreme heat during summer or want to have privacy from your neighbours, then outdoor curtains are the best choice.

When you are buying, make sure to ask for outdoor fabric curtains so that they can show the right material that suits your exact requirement. Also, ask – ‘should I choose curtains or blinds’ when you’re choosing the outdoor window coverings as blinds are also an excellent option for outdoor purposes.

  • Silk

If you want to upgrade your home so that it looks royal and luxurious, then consider adding silk curtains. One of the finest natural materials, silk curtains are soft to touch and last long as they are durable.

Silk curtains are made in almost all the colours and patterns which allow you to match any kind of theme you have at your home. They also contain intricate designs which look subtle but add huge greatness to your home.

  • Velvet

Velvet is the softest material and when draped as curtains, it gives the luxury and formal look to your home. Generally available in solid colours or self-coloured patterns, velvet was used in the olden days to give a formal look, however, you can install them anywhere you want in your home. As velvet is heavyweight, your curtains can hold their shape when hung to your windows. The pleats look beautiful and give a polished look to your home.

  • Linen

Till now, we saw either sheer or blackout fabric. However, if you are looking for a fabric that has a combination look, then linen is the best choice. Made from cotton, linen material is light, airy, and look beautiful on your windows.

At night times, linen curtains give you the privacy you need and during the daytime, you can have enough light to light up your whole room. This feature is what makes linen the most sought material in curtains. They don’t catch much dust and are also easy to clean. So, if you want ideal curtains in your budget, then linen is the best choice.

  • Cotton

Finally, we come to the curtain material that has been popular for so long. There are many characteristics of cotton that make it the best material in curtains. Cotton is light, economical, and durable, holds its shape, and can be dyed in any colour and pattern. The material can make your room warm in winters and cool in summers. As for privacy, the material is thick enough to give you shade and light enough to allow the sunshine to your room. And the best part is they are also affordable so if you have less budget for curtains, then look for cotton fabric.

For privacy and complete home shade…

Some people want curtains to get the complete dark and shade and want to block the entire light from outside. If you’re one of these people, then choose only blackout blinds (learn here the benefits of blackout blinds). In blackout blinds, you don’t have much choice but you can always layer it up with sheer or lace curtains for a more intricate look.

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