Top 6 Exterior Home Upgrades for Adding Resale Value

If you want to sell your property, the first and foremost thing that you have to do is to increase the curb value of the property. In this case, curb value denotes the external looks and aesthetics of the house. The higher the curb value, the more appealing will your property look and the easier it would be to sell it at a good price. Basically, we are looking at the first impression that your house will give when prospective buyers take their very first look. If that impression is positive, half of your work is already done. Now it is a simple thing to just simply negotiate on the price and clinch a sale. Here is what you can do to add resale value and curb appeal to your property:

  1. Power washing of the property

If you have been the owner of your property for a long time, it is necessary to get it washed. Not only will such washing eliminate all kinds of algae streaks and fungal infestations, but deep cleaning your property will also return the house to its original looks. As a matter of fact, such pressure washing can be conducted not just on the roof, but also on the external walls, the concrete driveways, the fences as well as the garage. Once you eliminate the years of dust, dirt, grime, and algae growth, your home is well on its way towards becoming the beautiful place it was when it was initially constructed.

  • Paint and polish

If the walls and the doors and windows look dull and listless, it would be a really good idea to paint them with a fresh coat of your favorite color. Not only will it brighten up the whole look of the place, but at the same time, it will also increase the curb appeal, no end. Apart from that, you should also consider polishing the wooden doors and window sills. You don’t need to go all out on the job, just a few coats of lacquer and polish can also get the job done. Finally, you should also clean the brass and iron fixtures such as door locks and knockers. You can use a good quality polish and copious amounts of elbow grease to get the job done so that everything looks spick and span.

  • Spruce up the landscaping

If your lawns and gardens are full of weeds and the grass is uncut for a long time, you will have a tough time explaining to potential buyers that you have been taking excellent care of the place. After all, if the exterior is not looking good, what is to say that the interior will be any better? Simply weeding the lawn and mowing the grass is good enough for a decent first impression.

  • Get rid of toys and other debris

If your property has kids’ toys scattered all over the place, along with the remains of your last barbeque party, you will give the impression that you are not concerned about maintaining your home properly. In this case, it might make the potential buyers lose interest in your property.

  • Consider building a new deck

A new deck can also help to create the ultimate in favorable impressions. In fact, you should actively consider building a deck in order to add resale value to your property. Since this is not really a DIY (do it yourself) job, it would be a good idea to work together with an experienced deck builder for the best results.

  • Make sure that your electronic gear is working properly

This includes automatic gates such as the main gate (if applicable) and the garage gate. It also includes CCTV cameras and lights, the front doorbell, and anything else you may have installed. Broken and worn fixtures broadcast the fact that property maintenance is not your priority, as such.

  • Conclusion

Adding resale value is not that difficult and you don’t need to add a sunroom or any large-scale modifications to get the job done. Just add a deck, spruce up the landscaping, and paint and polish the walls and doors and you are good to go.