Liquid EHR Software is a solution for optometry offices of all sizes. Liquid EHR is an optometry software service that was designed for eye care practitioners that offers practice management and electronic medical record solutions, as well as the key services listed below.

  • appointment planner for patient communication system
  • e-Prescribing
  • electronic submission of insurance claims

The program has been developing in accordance with a consistent design criterion that focuses on offering a natural intuitive and support service while utilising the most up-to-date technology and methodology. It has capabilities for managing medical records, billing, and scheduling. A mailing list generator, audit trails, workflow systems, document management, compliance checks, integrated e-prescribing, and customizable exam records are among the features offered by Liquid EHR Software. Historical IOP charts, drawing tools, built-in eye charts, frames data integration, and picture management are all optometry-specific technologies.


Clinicians can also access electronic insurance filing tools, patient recalls, drug interactions and allergy interaction checks, issue lists, active medication lists, medication recommendations, educational materials, smoking status, vital signs, and other information. Lab test results, clinical summaries, and patient reminders are all available to users. There are other features like access restrictions, audit logs, and encryption. Email and telephone support are available.

Work process frameworks, consistency checks, mailing list generator, review trails, record of the executives, coordinated e-Prescribing, and altered test instruments are a portion of the outstanding attributes it is prestigious for in the business. Historical Intraocular Pressure charts, default eye charts, picture management, drawing tools, and frames data integration are just a few of the features unique to the eye-care business. It provides users with a wide range of accessibility options. Access to electronic insurance filing tools, allergy and drug interaction checks, issue lists, prescription recommendations, smoking status, educational resources, and other services are just a few of them. Using the facilities provided by this EMR software, includes the lab result, as well as clinical summaries and patient reminders. Encryption, audit logs, and access restrictions are some of the added features.


  • The underlying patient correspondence framework, which incorporates 2-way messaging, email, and voice calling, might be used to send patient arrangement affirmations and updates.
  • Marketing capabilities, including surveys, office announcements, social media, and more, are included in Liquid EHR.
  • Users may browse customer information by hovering their mouse over appointments in the scheduler hence access more extensive appointment information with a single click, and book, confirm, and reschedule patient appointments.
  • Patients might be designated as the family’s principal insurer and connected to other family members.
  • Procedure linking is incorporated in the code browser to improve insurance billing accuracy.
  • Less reading




  • The best aspect is the excellent and readily available technical assistance. However, Liquid EHR Software offers highly accessible professionals that are available to assist over the phone and via remote connection.
  • Fast learning curve that allowed me to seamlessly shift my 35+ year practice methodology. For technological concerns, a quick reaction time is essential.
  • Customer support is dependable and quick to respond to any concerns, and the software is quite easy to use compared to competing EMR.
  • It was simple to use and performed all I wanted it to.
  • Easy to use, amazing functionality, low cost, and excellent customer service. The customer service representatives are quite helpful and kind.
  • Software that is easy to use and efficient. Excellent customer service and functionality.
  • Liquid EHR Software has been a great business partner for me. They are concerned about the smooth operation of my business and provide an outstanding support service to address all of my inquiries.
  • In one day, I can train a new employee! It’s also quite simple to check in and out patients. The scheduler is also very user-friendly. All of the people I worked with were pleasant to deal with.


  • There was some difficulty integrating the patient’s insurance with the real billing process via the software in the beginning, we essentially performed billing in a separate method.
  • Finding diagnostic codes is time-consuming, and I’m having trouble going back to prior records.” But it’s possible that I’m doing something incorrectly or that I haven’t discovered any shortcuts that others are aware of.
  • I’ve found that if you get an error out of pocket, it’s difficult to correct. It’s not always easy to come up with a diagnosis.
  • I’ve been using this program since May 2015 and don’t intend to switch.
  • Because it is so extensive and has so many functions, the program appears crowded and daunting at first. You do not, however, have to employ all of them. The tabs for sections can be a bit confusing since when you click on one, the order of the tabs changes, making it more time consuming to return to the original tabs.


  • Liquid EHR has worked wonders for my tiny optometry business. My prior EHR software firm went out of business after it crashed. Liquid EHR Software magically recovered my patient data from the crashed application, giving me access to the information once more. Because I had almost three years’ worth of recordings, this was a lifesaver. I can’t express how pleased I am with Liquid EHR’s product and outstanding customer service. It’s first-rate assistance that you won’t find anywhere else. His ability to customise the program to my practice’s needs for a low monthly charge without necessitating a contract sold me on the product.
  • Easy access to patient information and the ability to produce high-quality reports for clinicians.
  • It is a really effective way to keep track of patient information, with excellent customer service and response times.
  • more cost-effective and user-friendly

Cloud Liquid EHR Software Cost:

  • $299 per provider per month
  • Setup Fee: There is no setup fee.
  • Countless worldwide workstations

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