Comparison of GTA 5 online and GTA 4.

At the time of 2022, there are only five main parts of Grand Theft Auto. This game began to be produced back in 1997 and immediately became an integral part of the computer gaming industry and the first among the most popular games for the Playstation and XBox consoles.

Every 2-4 years, the British company Rockstar Games releases updates to its game and for about 4-10 years it releases a new version of Grand Theft Auto with updated graphics, new characters, plots and missions.

A Brief Look at the History of Grand Theft Auto

Returning to the history of this multi-platform computer game, the first two parts, released in 1997 and 1999, were not at all like the Grand Theft Auto that we are all so used to. The gameplay, unlike modern GTA, has a top-down view, which is less impressive as in the case of a third-person or first-person view. Until 2000, GTA had a completely different engine, which was more designed for Playstation consoles, and later for a personal computer on the Windows system.

Starting with the third version, the release of Grand Theft Auto, which happened in 2001, began to be applied to the engines and technologies already recognizable today. There was a familiar control of the character with a third-person view and familiar stories with their main characters. Between the third and fourth versions of Grand Theft Auto, two updated and more advanced versions of GTA were released – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and the legendary Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The latter was later developed as a mobile game available for Android and IOS smartphones.

Both games had exciting plots and excellent graphics at that time, which could only be pulled by powerful computers.

Modern variants of GTA

4 years after the last GTA update, since 2008, Rockstar Games has made a real breakthrough in graphics. Having developed a new engine, a new Grand Theft Auto 4 is released into the world. Even by today’s standards, the graphics of GTA 4 is very normal and does not cause rejection if you play it today. Due to the high requirements for computer characteristics at that time, the fourth part of Grand Theft Auto could not bypass Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in terms of popularity and number of downloads, although the new version offers a more convenient interface, gameplay and game quality in general.

The latest version of GTA was Grand Theft Auto 5 or its updated version Grand Theft Auto 5 online. The fifth version was released in September 2013 and made a big impression on its fans. As before, either the owners of very high-powered computer hardware or the owners of the latest versions of the Playstation and XBox could afford it. This has certainly become a barrier to Rockstar Games being able to make a big profit from sales of the latest version.

However, until now, it is Grand Theft Auto 5 online that remains the most popular and recognizable GTA in the world, despite the fact that its age reaches almost 10 years. The developer company does not stop regularly releasing updates to its game, increasing graphics to the level of modern adventure-action games.

Comparison of GTA 5 online and GTA 4

One of the main cardinal innovations in the latest version of GTA is the ability to play online. This has become one of the main reasons why most people switched to Grand Theft Auto 5 online. In it, you have the opportunity to team up with other living people, go through missions and just do whatever you want in the virtual city. In Grand Theft Auto 4, there is no such function to play online or connect your friends to one map. This increases interest just in the direction of GTA 5 online, where the presence of your friends and communication with other living people reveals the player’s interest in this game from a completely different side.

The physics

in both versions are similar, but there are not as few differences between them as it might seem.

In Grand Theft Auto 4, the physics of driving a car and a motorcycle is implemented closer to reality. This manifests itself in corners, where the car tends or turns around at all. This may complicate the management of transport, but this option is more realistic than in GTA 5 online. In the latter, the physics of transport management is simplified as much as possible. You will not see interesting drifts, reversals or detailed crashes that are present in GTA 4.


Modifications in both versions are implemented qualitatively and there are a lot of them, but since for almost 10 years Grand Theft Auto 5 online has been the flagship of the game and the main GTA on all platforms, mods for GTA 5 online bypass the fourth version quantitatively and qualitatively. Unlike the older version, there are licensed developers in GTA 5 who are guaranteed to provide high-quality software for modifying the visual part and gameplay. If you are interested in the GTA mod option, there are specially created and configured accounts for this purpose with pre-installed mods that expand the imagination. To learn more about such accounts, follow the link: 

Plot and characters

Both parts have strong and charismatic characters. It immediately catches your eye how painstakingly each character and storyline was developed. In Grand Theft Auto 4, we are presented with the story of an immigrant who ended up in New York and is faced with the task of starting to live. Along the way, he meets many interesting characters and makes friends. The main character in the 4th version is worked out in detail, which is manifested in his speeches, jokes and actions. However, the entire storyline runs in dull colors with a bit of pessimism and rough scenes.

In the case of Grand Theft Auto 5 online, we have 3 opposing heroes: an upper-middle-class family man, a black gangster, and a lunatic. Each of them has its own unique story, character and sense of humor. In general, the picture looks much more optimistic and colorful than in the case of GTA 4.
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