The Top 5 Coding Languages

Coding is one thing without which the entire IT world can fall down in just a seconds. Well, there is no way it can end being a concept rather than a facility, still, it highlights the role coding, or programming, has played in building the modern world full of games, websites, IoT devices, cyber security, data science, and various businesses.

There are obvious reasons for the highest craze among students to learn programming, ever since they enter senior school. They are enrolling in online courses, undergoing coding bootcamp programs, and even the parents with a coding background are going to the extent of teaching programming to their toddlers also, though this is not a right thing to do. Coding is a wide domain with so many kinds of languages, script languages, modules, tools and concepts. However, for those who have little skill related to the sector, a difficult decision can be choosing the best coding language to start with.

Each coding language has its own purpose, and comes with both pros and cons. Different organisations ask for expertise in different languages, based on their project and the outputs they want to produce. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to begin your career with such a language that offers you highest stakes and opportunities in future.

Below, we are listing the 5 coding languages which have made a significant mark in the coding world. Many of them have been doing rounds for years and are still preferred over any other new language. We would like you to read carefully about these languages, what they are meant for, and what are their key benefits. At the end, you need to choose the language which suits your personal needs and is also easy for you to learn.

The top 5 coding languages we would be discussing include Java, C++, Python, Javascript, and Go.


Java is one of the most popular programming languages which was developed by James Gosling. It is one of the most used languages with roughly 3 billion devices relying on Java for their processing. Java is being used in various applications like YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, etc. All the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cyber Security, Machine Learning (ML), and various others make use of Java.

Some of the common features for preference of java over other languages are:

  • It is an object oriented programming language which is independent of the platform on which it is running.
  • It is a dynamic and distributed language, simple to use, and also very robust and secure.

Some cons of Java which might make users shift to other options would include:

  • No control over garbage collection.
  • Programs take longer time to run and more memory is required, thus the cost increases.


C++ is an extension of the C programming language, one of the first programming languages written. However, over time, C++ has provoked its worth and has substantially taken over C, establishing itself as one of the most used and preferred languages across applications.

Some of the key benefits of using C++ language are:

  • It works well for multiple devices as well as multiple systems.
  • There are various libraries and compilers available for C++, which makes the work cool while working with this language.
  • C++ is extensively used in CAD and mechanical programs.

Like Java, C++ also has some cons on which we would like to shed some light.

  • The language is a bit complex, and since there are a lot of libraries and other features, new programmers might find it difficult to comprehend in the beginning.
  • Another key disadvantage is that C++ does not allow you to perform run-time checks.


Python is treated as a landmark language as it has introduced the much needed simplicity in the coding world. The syntax of Python is really easy and that is the reason behind its exponential popularity. It is believed that almost 80% programmers currently prefer Python over other programming languages.

Some of the key benefits of using Python programming language are:

  • Easy syntax and thus convenient to learn.
  • Multiple libraries and features, making work a smooth process.
  • A free and open source language, which can be easily integrated with various web services.
  • It is very popular for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and for developing 2D imaging and 3D animation packages.

Python also has some disadvantages which include:

  • Python codes are executed by an interpreter instead of a compiler, thus python programs take a long time to run.
  • The data types here are flexible, thus a lot of memory is consumed.
  • Also, this language is not good if you are planning to develop a mobile application.


Learning Javascript is very beneficial from the career perspective, as almost 72% of companies are hiring professionals skilled in Javascript [Source:]. This is mainly because Javascript is most commonly used on the client-end of a website.

Some of the key reasons for Javascript being a good language to start your career with are:

  • It is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web (www), and is also being used for server side website deployment, plus the non-web browser applications.
  • There is no alternative for Javascript today, and it is being used in more than 97% client side servers.

Javascript, though creating a monopoly like situation, has some disadvantages also which are listed below.

  • You cannot write cross-browser codes in javascript as many times different browsers interpret its code in different ways.
  • The configuration is a difficult task and it poses problems when you have to develop large applications.
  • Your javascript code is completely open and anyone can see it.


Go, also known as Golang, is a relatively new programming language which was developed by Google in 2007. The language has been developed specifically for APIs and Web Development, and has created its mark in the short time.

Some of the key benefits of Go are:

  • It is a minimalist language and thus easy to learn.
  • The code is compatible with various browsers and platforms, is fast, and offers transparency.

Some disadvantage of this language are:

  • Since this is a relatively new language, the Go community hasn’t developed well, so you might not find answers to doubts easily.
  • There is less library support, and you might have to write more programme lines than you would write in other languages.

There are many other languages also, but these are the hot choices currently. Choose one language of your liking, and start your coding career today.