Is Stainless Steel Wall Shelf Worth Your Choice?

It is difficult to find at least one branch of production or the sphere of service, where stainless steel would not be used. The demand for stainless steel for the manufacture of racks, tables, sinks, shelves, and other commercial equipment can be explained by high technical characteristics and performance properties, the main of which is the ability to resist corrosion. When it comes to equipping such commercial spaces as kitchens in restaurants or any other type of food establishment, a stainless steel wall shelf must be one of the top priorities, as such vertical shelves have a myriad of great benefits:

  • the ability to resist wear, pressure, or signs of damage due to the quality of the material and the possibility of long-term operation without flaws and imperfections;
  • impressive resistance to changes in temperature and humidity;
  • commercial metal restaurant shelving, stainless steel models, and other vertical storage solutions are eco-friendly and easy to clean;
  • stylish design, which is achieved due to the metallic and shiny appearance of the shelf that cannot deteriorate.
Stainless Steel

Another strong reason to pick a  stainless steel wall shelf is its antibacterial properties, which is why stainless steel is used to make surgical instruments. However, its exquisite sheen and antibacterial properties also make it an ideal choice for kitchens, restaurants, and cafes for the simple reason that it is very easy to disinfect. Stainless steel wall-mounted shelving system will help to effectively use the small area of ​​the kitchen or storage room for the optimal placement of various types of products on them.

Opt for stainless steel wall mounted shelving units to optimize space

In a professional kitchen, everything must be perfect down to the smallest detail. Shelves made of stainless steel will help organize the room with unique features. You can choose a size from the existing ones in the AmGoodSupply catalog or consider some more customized options that will serve you more efficiently. Thus, it is possible to arrange the working zone even in a tight room. Affordable first-class stainless steel and neutral design are the key advantages of AmGoodSupply products.

Practical and ergonomic placement of everything you need for prep processes, organization of useful storage spots without taking up extra space, and simplicity in washing and cleaning can be attained with the stainless steel wall shelf. Stainless steel shelves are harmless and do not emit toxic substances, direct contact with food and products is safe, so you can store any type of goods.

Also, you gain an opportunity to install the unit on the wall in the place where the floor space is already occupied by other equipment. Another reason to buy stainless steel shelves is the ability to replace bulky and uncomfortable wall cabinets.

As for the number of surfaces, you can buy shelves of very different configurations from the usual single-tier design to shelves with two or three levels. Your choice depends on your needs and wishes. If the shelf is planned to be placed above the table, it is important that its depth is less than the width of the tabletop. Consider the height at which the shelf will be attached: the upper tiers must be accessible to your workers. Remember that shelves should be selected according to the size that is comfortable for placing the planned utensils or products.

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